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These Are The Only Two Superheroes In The MCU Who Have Not Killed

In a world of superheroes vs villains where the heroes have to destroy the villains, there are very few superheroes who have actually not killed anyone in the films. Today, we will apply Batman’s NO KILL rule in the MCU. Superheroes like Black Widow, Winter Soldier, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk have killed. The Iron Man armours are known to be killing machines and Tony, and Rhodey has been guilty of killing. Natasha had been a Russian spy, and she surely has killed people before she even joined SHIELD.

Captain America has fought in World War II, so he surely has killed many in the battle. Falcon just shoots people, so he is guilty, and Vision had killed Ultron on his second day after he was created. Thor had admitted to having killed over 3000 people, aliens and also robots and Thor also killed Malekith. Black Panther had been after Bucky’s life but then had forgiven him and killed Erik Killmonger. The Guardians have killed Ronan, Ant-Man has killed Yellow Jacket, Quicksilver and Wanda have killed many Robots.

So almost everyone in the MCU has killed people, except for two superheroes- Spider-Man and the Wasp. One may say that Mantis has not killed, but she had a hand in killing Ego.

Peter Parker had given Tony Stark a plan to kill Ebony Maw but did not really have anything to do with the killing. The Wasp has broken and bruised bones many thugs ut she has not killed anyone.