Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Star Of Supernatural, Jensen Ackles Dresses Up As Red Hood For Halloween And The Fans Are Going Wild

The star of Supernatural, Jensen Ackles has become the Red Hood, and this time it is as a cosplay for Halloween.

Ackles had shared many images from the Halloween photo shoot on Instagram and had also wished all followers a happy Halloween.

“Bringin the Red Hood back for Halloween,” Ackles had written.

“Feels good…real good. Hope y’all have a wicked day, today. Remember… eat ALL the candy!”

Jensen Ackles had played the role of the character, Dean Winchester for 14 years on the show, Supernatural, and had also lent his voice for Red Hood in the animation film, Batman: Under the Red Hood. Ever since all the DC fans have eagerly wanted this actor to play the live-action version of this character as well.

By August, he had shared a photo of himself coming face-to-face with the Red Hood, and many fans had been holding out hope that he would bring Jason Todd to life.

As all comic books, fans would know, Jason Todd had been killed while fighting alongside the Dark Knight. He then rises from the grave and becomes the Red Hood, who is an adversary of all of Gotham’s superheroes.