Monday, June 27, 2022
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Season 2 Of The Punisher To Start Production This Month

The Punisher, Netflix’s extremely popular series is scheduled to begin the production of its next season this month. Netflix and Marvel announced Season 2 seeing the success and overwhelming response it received for season 1. The character was first seen on Daredevil and based on the reaction received made it to Netflix Marvel’s roster. Frank Castle, played by Jon Bernthal played the character beautifully justifying the decision to make this a standalone series.

Feb 26th is believed to the exact date when production will begin for season 2. In the comics, Frank Castle is shown in locations like Florida and California, but the shooting will mainly take place in New York. With the vibrant streets and many location options, New York can be portrayed as any other city easily.

Season 2 will also be produced under the same production title Crime, like season 1. Since most of the filming would be in New York, we might get to see Punisher escape the eyes of law by going further underneath. Jigsaw (Bill Russo) will be on the hunt of Punisher, depending on how far Season 2 goes. Jigsaw might be put to rest to regain strength if the story begins right where it left off at the end of Season 1. We will also get to see Russo’s transformation into Jigsaw.

Netflix and Marvel were able to obtain a tax deal for Season 1; hopefully, they would be able to obtain the same for Season 2. If they do obtain it, it will make sense to shoot in only New York City.

While a release date hasn’t been announced, it would be safe to assume if might release at the end of the year, much like the first season. For Season 1, Netflix did an amazing promotional campaign keeping the viewers guessing when the show would begin, and right at the end, they dropped the surprise date as a bomb. Netflix’s promotional strategies keep varying, a guessing release date for Punisher and in other cases like Cloverfield 3, a surprise release of the season.

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