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Movie Review: Gotham By Gaslight Is A Great Steampunk Movie!

The second R-rated Warner Bros Animated film Batman: Gotham by Gaslight has hit the bull’s eye. The movie is based on a 1989 comic by Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola. Gotham By Gaslight is based in an alternate, Victorian period setting. This steampunk thriller greatly beats the Batman: The Killing Joke. While that film tried to take liberty with the comic book source and failed terribly, Gotham By Gaslight enhanced the story with dramatic developments. It hugged the bloody mystery without being over the top. The outcome is a nasty dark story which is one of the best from the DC Animated Universe.

Gotham City is plagued by fear as Jack The Ripper; a nasty psychopath is slaughtering abandoned women. The murders have baffled the police commissioner (Scott Patterson), and DA (Yuri Lowenthal). The violence is so dominant that the opening of the famous Gotham World Fair is in danger. The Millionaire Bruce Wayne (Bruce Greenwood) is determined to capture the wicked killer. He monitors the streets at night as the Batman, using smart gadgets created by his wisdom. The Ripper is also being chased by the famous showgirl Selina Kyle (Jennifer Carpenter). While they both are hunting for the same person, they might be no match for the skill and treachery of the evil enemy.

Writer Jim Krieg and director Sam Liu, are both old hands at DC animation and have approached this smartly. They spent time on an accurate re-imagination of Batman apt for that era. He has some cool gadgets, but, primarily relies on his wit and physical strength. His enemy is equally good at sprinting across rooftops and prowling in the dark alleys. Batman figures out that Jack the Ripper is as adept at combat as he himself. Krieg has written a script which is also politically perfect. The rights of women and children as shown in the movie are accurate to the late 1800s. The core characters must identify the outdated ideas of the day to succeed. It is a refreshing amount of sophistication. The R-rating is used smartly. There is no cheap thrill in Gotham By Gaslight.

Throughout the 78 minutes of duration, we stay glued to the action as Jack the Ripper matches the Dark Knight step by step. Even if you have read the comic, it will take nothing away from the entertainment provided by the film. The story is quite different, yet completely captivating. Gotham By Gaslight portrays the story as perfectly as the book did. The final battle is superb and as good an ending as ever seen in DC films.

There is unlikely to be a Batman fan who won’t like Gotham By Gaslight. It’s a new version of favorite characters. It is extremely dark, and that is a much-needed change from the dreariness of the recent DC films. Gotham By Gaslight rectifies the mistakes of The Killing Joke. It appears as if the moviemakers have learned how to handle an R-rated project. Gotham By Gaslight is not for kids. It has a great deal of violence and sexually as well as socially explicit language. Warner Bros and DC must make a live-action Gotham By Gaslight. It is a far more exciting thought to see Batman battle Jack The Ripper rather than the Justice League 2.