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Max Landis Believes Batman Would Win A Battle With The Entire Avengers Team

Batman doesn’t have any superpowers, but, he is well-known as a formidable character in the DC Universe. A genius with incredible combat skills and plenty of gadgets, Batman has repeatedly shown that he can stand up to not only supervillains but,  even against his Justice League colleagues. Although fans keep debating about how Batman would perform against mightier DC heroes such as Superman, there is one battle which most people haven’t  imagined: the Dark Knight battling the Marvel’s Avengers. Screenwriter Max Landis thought about it and figured out how Batman would prevail.

Some time back, The Chronicle writer used Twitter to detail how he expects Batman to beat all the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in a city environment. Starting with Bruce Banner, Batman will take him out by using a knockout dart before giving him a chance of morphing into Hulk. He will proceed to hack Iron-Man suit, and render The Vision powerless by an EMP. Thor would be “Batwing’d into a building and then glued down with polymer.” A quick physical combat with Black Widow and Hawkeye will lead to Batman being left with only the Captain America to face. Although the Captain would be a mighty rival, but, Batman would prevail in the end. Landis even said that Batman’s one-on-one battle against The Avengers would be fairer because “he wouldn’t be able to use the city against them as effectively.”

Go ahead and check out the description of Landis’ below.

While Landis’ premise is fascinating, it is grossly exaggerated. No one doubts Batman’s crime-fighting prowess, but, in this case, Batman is fighting the Avengers. Landis confessed that Batman is most effective as a “domineering and intense force of nature” whereas the Avengers are adept at overcoming their vulnerability, and this makes the fight look more lopsided than it actually would ever be. Due respect to all his smartness, it is difficult to imagine he could achieve this while being attacked as a normal human being.

Landis also seems to have greatly under-estimated the combat skills of Black Widow and Hawkeye. We doubt if they are at the same level as Batman, but, it is also not likely that he would flatten them quickly. We must also remember that Tony Stark is probably even smarter than Bruce Wayne and Steve Rogers’ is a master strategist. Working in tandem, they would work out a detailed plan to overpower the Gotham City vigilante with the support of their teammates.

Batman has never battled the Avengers, but, he has faced a Marvel hero. During the 1990s crossover event between DC and Marvel, Batman was pitted against Captain America and won on the basis of fan votes, but, soon after they joined hands with the other Marvel and DC heroes. Batman also had a team up with Spider-Man and Daredevil in other separate crossovers, but, those stories didn’t see them combat each other.

With near nil chances of seeing Batman ever take on The Avengers, this is likely to remain a topic pondered over by fans. However, Batman  has in the meanwhile overwhelmed Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which released in 2016,