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5 People Other Than Thor Who Wielded The Mjolnir

Here we have 5 characters other than Thor who has wielded Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. They fall under this category: “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of… Thor.” So, let us see who out there is “worthy”….

5. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman had wielded the hammer, and this was a pretty cool moment. But in the midst of Marvel vs. D.C., this was almost just an afterthought. It was surely still cooler than most of the others who had wielded Thor’s hammer. This was really neat and was it was exciting to see Wonder Woman decide that she wanted to beat Storm one on one.

4. Superman

Superman wielding Thor’s hammer was much cooler, and this was because while he wielded it for a short period, George Perez had been drawing it, and Kurt Busiek wrote the scene. Because he wielded it for just a minute, it did not count as much as the other characters who wielded the hammer.

3. Eric Masterson

After he filled in for Thor and was given a Mjolnir knock-off, he went into the world as Thunderstrike. It then looked like writers did not know what to do with this character. He was a normal guy. It was bad, as Eric was a pretty cool character. This led to where DeFalco had claimed that he planned – Masterson’s death in Thunderstrike’s last issue.

2. Captain America

Captain America had visited the Avengers headquarters and the attacked by followers of Seth took place. He and Thor are in a cold war as Thor knows that his best pals, Cap and Iron Man, are having a big falling out. Cap was not going by Captain America and maybe there was a reason that he was not Captain America.

When Cap is beset by bad guys, they all go flying as Cap has Thor’s hammer.

1. Beta Ray Bill

This was a huge one. This was where the other writers wondered why they had not thought of this.

In Thor #337, an alien wields the hammer.

After that, Odin had given Beta Ray Bill a knock-off of Mjolnir, and everything was right because Beta Ray Bill was too cool not to be seen again.