Friday, January 21, 2022
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Constantine is Returning to ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ On Monday: Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan will bring back his popular version of John Constantine to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on coming Monday, and while it is not guaranteed yet, the actor stated that he is ready to make a comeback to the series.

He also said that in view of Constantine’s long-term link with the Legends villain Damien Darhk, the story provides scope for more.

“When [Darhk] was first mentioned in Arrow, there was obviously some connection between him and John,” Ryan told “And then with everything that happens in this episode, it does leave the door open a bit. There is obviously some other kind of relationship that they’ve had or backstory that goes on between him and John, which there is potential to explore.”

In an episode named “Daddy Darhkest,” it doesn’t come as a surprise that Darhk and the supernatural forces which provides him his power will be crucial to the Monday episode. His exact link to Constantine is hinted a bit more, but, remains unclear, with only a tiny part of the truth told and rest still hazy. Ryans own series’ fans will probably be happy with the episode, which resembles a Constantine episode more than the character’s appearance in Arrow did, without compromising on the uniqueness of Legends.

“It did feel like a Constantine episode in a way,” Ryan said. “Getting to do the exorcisms again is great because in the Arrow episode there’s only a little bit of the spells anythings, and there was quite a bit of that [in Legends], and it did feel like he was driving the episode. It was surprisingly darker than I thought it was going to be, which was great. I thought the tone of it was quite dark compared to what I’ve seen of previous episodes. I thought that was great, and that Constantine fitted right into that.”

Constantine’s origins, from the comic books as well as the short-run NBC series, will serve the episode and might provide fans with ideas about what the upcoming CW Seed’s Constantine animated series might have in store for them when it debuts later in the year.

You can catch DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on Monday nights at 8 pm ET/PT on The CW from February 12 to April end when the season will wrap up, and Supergirl will arrive to take over its time slot.