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WE Just Got News About Harrison Ford’s Role In ‘Solo’

Harrison Ford has said for many years that he wanted Han Solo to die in the original trilogy. This character was then killed off in The Force Awakens and this allowed the actor to distance himself from this saga. In spite of this distance, the actor had helped in advising Alden Ehrenreich’s performance and the approach to Solo: A Star Wars Story.

“Tell them I told you everything you needed to know, and that you can’t tell anyone,” Ehrenreich had said. “I gotta stick to my orders from the man himself.”

The actor recounted a few conversations to Kathleen Kennedy, who had shared more details:

“It was perfect, classic Harrison,” Kennedy said. “Good kid, good kid. Really good kid.”

Kennedy had pointed out that this dialogue continued throughout the filming.

“What [Ford] did so beautifully for Alden was he talked a lot about what he remembered when he first read Star Wars, and what George had done with Han. Who the character was and the conversations he had for so many years with George about how that character developed,” Kennedy had said.

“He gave Alden that kind of insight which was invaluable. There were several times in the course of making the movie where Alden would actually recount some of the things that Harrison had pointed out. I think that was really, really helpful to him.”

Fans have grown very anxious after the announcement that Ron Howard would replace original Chris Miller and Phil Lord.

“Harrison’s a very thoughtful actor and an artist, and I wanted to know what he learned about the character,” Howard had said. “He said that Han is always torn between that sense that he was, in a way, an orphan, and therefore both yearned for connection with people and struggled with it at the same time. I thought that was pretty interesting.”

Ford described how the origins had influenced his performance and needed attention in Solo:

“Han has survived and proven that he can survive, but he’s never sure he’s as quite as smart as he needs to be,” Howard explained. “Change that. He’s not really ‘smart.’ That’s not the word he used. Han’s not as on top of it as he needs to be. So he wants to give the appearance of [control], but in fact, he’s often scrambling. I think Harrison played that beautifully, and Alden and I talked about both of those ideas a lot.”

Solo: A Star Wars Story will release on May 25.