Friday, January 21, 2022
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Check Out The ‘Deep Blue Sea 2’ Trailer!

Brace yourself for some stunning shark action, because the initial trailer for Deep Blue Sea 2 has been released.

You can check the trailer above, and it gives us a good idea of what the upcoming direct-to-video has in store. If the trailer is an indication, then we can anticipate a cocktail of underwater stupidity and mayhem that the original Deep Blue Sea had unleashed in 1999.

The Deep Blue Sea 2 shows shark conservation expert Dr. Misty Calhoun (Danielle Savre from Boogeyman 2) receiving an invitation to be a consultant to a new, top secret project being run by a pharmaceutical billionaire Carl Durant (Michael Beach from Aquaman). The premise is when science tampers with the time-proven process of nature and growth, it can lead to a deadly result.

“We are a true sequel. We wanted to keep to the spirit of Deep Blue Sea and why people love it,” Matt Bierman, creative executive, Warner Bros. had said at the time of the movie’s announcement. “The research that was used on the sharks in Deep Blue Sea 2 comes from the mythology and storyline of the first movie.”

“We have given the lead shark a personality and hope the fans will embrace that as it really helps the storytelling and the narrative in a way that first one didn’t.” Bierman continued. “Deep Blue Sea 2 has a slightly slower build but once the rubber band snaps things go boom really quickly!”

This is the newest among a number of attempts to make a sequel of Deep  Blue Sea, and the story was initially written by Jack Perez.

The script is about this scientific research ship that is seized by Somali pirates, and a team of Navy SEALs have to go in and take them out,” Perez talked about his discarded script. “The whole ship is basically a gigantic floating laboratory, with a maze of tunnels that the sharks can travel through that open up into tanks. My thinking was that this was Sgt. Rock vs. sharks, so I developed this platoon kind of based on my favorite Sgt. Rock characters. To a certain degree, it was similar to what they did in Predator; there were definitely echoes of that sort of motley group.”

Although no release date has been listed for Deep Blue Sea 2, the film is expected to come out on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital sometime later this year.