Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Fan Remakes The Cancelled Silent Hills P.T Game

Silent Hills P.T was a playable teaser that the fans saw before it had been cancelled in 2015. This move to cancel the project had left many fans disappointed including Guillermo del Toro who had worked on this project with Hideo Kojima. But now, hope is alive through remakes and PC gamers can now experience this magic they could not live through.

But this is not the full game and it is a teaser. It is on Unreal Engine 4. A re-creator from this video had taken to Reddit and showed off a few test footages. When he had been asked if he re-did all animations, LinusPixel had replied:

“Unfortunately not, but the animations are a breeze to do, I have a few of them extracted at the moment, I just need to figure out how to apply them or convert them to a different file type. I’m guessing the animations in FOX engine still work based on a rig, given the models are rigged and it’d be super weird for them not to be? So it might just be a case of finding something that translates those points and how they move.”

With this from YouTuber SmoggyChips, they show the WIP recreation, making it look smooth and creepy. The video is for the Corridors creation it might not be the whole game but it is something.

Here is the recent update posted on the website that offers Corridors:

  • Changed player head-bob animation
  • Changed post process, shadows could look better
  • Added environment light
  • Added Cockroaches
  • Changed lighting in level 4.
  • Added two surprises