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Here’s What You Need To Know About Matrix 4!

What can we say about Keanu Reeves? He is the chosen one. The Matrix had been released in 1999 and then went on to become a great success.

This movie was directed by The Wachowski Brothers. The response from the audiences was great and this movie is the best sci-fi thrillers.

Matrix is a fake reality world which is controlled by machines. Neo had been trapped in this and living her from birth. Morpheus is a member of this group who could hack The Matrix.

They have superhuman abilities and could break all physical laws. The action sequences in this movie are great and being copied in many movies.

The Matrix Reloaded had been released in the year 2003. This movie had gotten positive reviews from critics and audiences.

The 3rd installment in this franchise had been released was called The Matrix Revolutions. But this movie was a mess and was a disappointment. This movie had been panned by critics and fans were just not satisfied. The box-office performance was also poor.

It has been 17 years after The Matrix was released and the manner in which this trilogy had ended was not really satisfactory.

Joel Silver, executive producer of Matrix had said that they have not yet planned for this movie and had said to wait for what happens.


Keanu Reeves had recently appeared in NYCC and promoted the movie Replicas. He had been asked about the 4th part of Matrix and he said: “Remaking The Matrix. I don’t know. Maybe it’s…I don’t know anything about it.”

The news had broken that this studio was thinking of getting writers to work for this project but no details are out yet. The one thing that we have heard was that Michael B. Jordan was being eyed for young Morpheus.