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11 Characters That Were Based Off Of Real People

The greatest artists are known to draw inspiration from reality. The real world has a lot of inspiration. This includes cartoon artists. Here are 11 character sketches that are based on real people.

1. Mr. Magoo – W. C. Fields

Mr. Magoo was a near-sighted, old man. Millard Kaufman designed him as a character. Pete Burness noticed a likeness between this character and Fields.

2. Popeye the Sailor – Frank “Rocky” Fiegel

The star was drawn in order to look like the sailor. Elzie Crisler had re-imagined the one-eyed man.

3. Dennis “The Menace” – Dennis Lloyd Ketcham

Hank Ketcham had used his son for inspiration for the character. Dennis found many ways to alarm his dear parents. Hank had exaggerated his son’s exploits in cartoons.

4. Jessica Rabbit – Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake, and Lauren Bacall

The seductive spouse was inspired by Rita Hayworth. Richard Williams had decided to shift this character and make her look like Veronica Lake.

5. Tinker Bell – Margaret Kerry

The Disney character was based off an actress. Although J. M. Barrie had created this character in 1904, this fairy was popularized by the movie.

6. Yosemite Sam – Deadeye/Red Skelton

The Looney Tunes character was inspired by Fritz Frelang.

7. Skippy – Percy Crosby

The cartoonist had himself as an inspiration for the character. He had drawn inspiration from the troublemaker from his childhood memories.

8. Little Lulu – Marjorie Henderson Buell

The artist based her character on her own experience as a little girl.

9. Henry: Carl Anderson

Carl Anderson had drawn a sketch at 67 for students at a vocational school.

10. Archie Andrews – Mickey Rooney

The darling character was had been inspired by a freckle-faced boy.

11. Betty Boop – Helen Kane

She was based off Helen. She was a singer, and the character sounded like her. Helen had sued its creator when this cartoon had come out.