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Moon Knight #190 Drops A Huge Bombshell

Marc Spector’s world has turned upside down.

Spoilers incoming for Moon Knight #190.

Marc Spector has now managed to find a content medium with his personalities and uses them when the situation requires. As Moon Knight #190 shows, this does not come without hiccups between Spector, Jake Lockley and Steven Grant.

The fire god, Ra has joined forces with Bushman. They track down Spector’s ex, Marlene, who will always be his love. They have been apart for quite a long time, but after Sun King and Bushman ambush her house, they ask her to call him. He is not happy to find her threatened.

The Sun King tells Spector that he knows he is Moon Knight, but that he is aware of something that Spector does not know about. He has learnt something when they entered Marlene’s home.

“Perhaps you can ask our mutual friend…Jake Lockley.”

Marlene reveals that she had not stopped loving Marc, and “I need you. needed your touch, like some kind of addict.” She then explains that 5 years ago, Lockley told her that if Marc did not know, no one will know.

They then started a relationship, but she then learned that Lockley was not Marc. She broke the relationship with Lockley, but he did not take it well. Marlene drops a bombshell when she says “and besides…at that point…it was too late. He had me where he wanted me, because… I couldn’t do it alone.”

When Marc then asks what she means, Bushman enters with a girl by the hand.

“Uncle Jake? (Sniff) What are you doing here?!”

Marlene then says “I couldn’t raise our daughter alone”.

So, the hidden memories that The Truth saw in the last issue had to do with Marlene.

One can see the images above.

Moon Knight #190 is written by Max Bemis with art by Jacen Burrows, inks by Guillermo Ortego, colors by Mat Lopes, and letters by VC’s Cory Petit.