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14 Of The Most Badass Characters From Amalgam (Marvel And DC Crossover)

In the world of superheroes, almost anything is possible. Marvel and DC are the biggest comic book publishing houses in the world. The fan-rivalry among Marvel and DC cheerleaders is as passionate as between liberals & conservatives.

There is forever a debate among the comic-book enthusiasts as to which camp is better. But in the nineties, they had come together and merged their characters. These formed some unbelievable characters which were then printed under the name, Amalgam Comics. Most of the new characters were an amalgamation of the most famous characters. Example: Batman and Wolverine became Dark Claw.

So, let us learn about the most badass characters that Marvel and DC had created:

14. Super-Soldier

Super-Soldier is an amalgam of Superman and Captain America. The US army had given super-soldier serum which was made from cellular samples from an alien. Its whose space rocket had landed in 1938 to a 4-F volunteer, known as Clark Kent who was exposed to a jolt of the solar radiation. The scientist knew how it would affect the soldier, but he finally became something else.

13. Dark Claw

Dark Claw is the amalgam of the Dark Knight and Wolverine. Logan was just 5 when he saw his parents being killed. He was sent to his uncle in Canada who was a police officer. After leaving from there, he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and met Creed H Quinn. He was placed under the Weapon X program, and Logan learned about his mutant powers similar to Wolverine. He became world’s greatest detective. Having a massive arsenal of gadgets, he fought the deadliest criminals. He became the founding member of Justice League of Avengers.

12. Dr. Strangefate

Doctor Strangefate is a culmination of Doctor Strange and Professor X and Doctor Fate. He is the most powerful character in the Amalgam Universe.

11. Amazon

Amazon is a lightning superhero of the Amalgam comics. She was a combination of Storm and Wonder Woman. Princess  Ororo of Themyscira was a metamutant that could manipulate weather.

10. Spider-Boy

Spider-Boy came into existence when Project Cadmus had attempted to clone a super-soldier who could control gravity. They had used the DNA of Peter Parker but this project got sabotaged, and Peter was killed. But his clone survived. Spider-Boy can control gravity, walk up the walls, and lower the gravity of any object that he touches.

9. Green Skull

Green Skull is an amalgamation of 2 of the greatest comic book villains -Red skull and Lex Luthor. The Green K serum had turned his skin green and prolonged his life to the point of immortality.

8. Apollo

Apollo is the amalgam of Scott Sumers from Marvel and Raymond Terrill from DC. Ray Summers was kept away from the outside world by his parents until he was a teen. Telling him that the exposure to the sunlight would kill him but in reality, it made him stronger. Later he joined the team JLX and fell in love with Firebird (the amalgam of Phoenix and Fire).

7. Doctor Doomsday

Doctor Doomsday is one of the deadliest supervillains of the Amalgam Comics. He was the amalgam of Dr. Doom (Marvel) and Doomsday (DC) who fought against the Challengers of the Fantastic, Judgment League Avengers, Magnetic Men, and the X-Patrol, and has the most appearances (supervillain) in the Amalgam comics.

6. Thanoseid

Thanoseid is the combination of two of the deadliest supervillains from Marvel and DC. He is the amalgam of Thanos (Marvel) and Darkseid (DC) who has the combined strength, stamina, powers, abilities and skills of both the villains combined. He is the ruler of Apokolips who sought the help of Dr. Doomsday to obliterate the whole universe except his realm.

5. Thorion

Thorion is the mix of Thor and Orion. He was the son of Thanoseid who he had traded to All-Father Odin to stop the fight between the Realms of Apokolips and New Asgard. He had the combined powers of Thor and Orion and was remade into The Celestial.

4. Colonel Bruce Wayne

Colonel Bruce Wayne is the amalgamation of Nick Fury from Marvel and DC’s Bruce Wayne who trained himself to the peak human condition. After joining the SHIELD, he trained even harder to become a master strategist, martial-artist and an exceptional fighter. He also got the access to hi-tech weapons and gadgetry from Stark Labs.

3. Mariner

Mariner is the amalgamation of Marvel’s Namor the Sub-Mariner and DC’s Aquaman. He is the former king of the Atlantis and one of the first metamutants. He wields a chained anchor which is strong enough to destroy a sentinel in a single strike and has same abilities as that of Namor and Aquaman.

2. Captain Marvel

William Mar-Vell is the combination of Marvel and DC’s Captain Marvel. He is just a boy who transforms into super-scientifically advanced hero known as Captain Marvel when he shouts the word “KREE.” He got the powers of both the Captain Marvels.

1. Iron Lantern

Iron Lantern is the blend of Iron Man and Green Lantern. He is the founder of Stark Aircraft. Iron Lantern was working on a flight simulator when the device took off with him and crashed near an alien spacecraft. Stark was injured because of the crash, and a piece of metal from the suit got stuck in his chest. Stark makes his way to the spaceship where he found the dying alien, Rhomann Sur.

He soon realized that he himself was dying and made a suit out of the alien tech which was powered by the battery he had found in the wreckage. The suit saved his life and gave him incredible powers. He can create almost anything he wants by using the green energy which is powered by Oa, the Living Planet.