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Here Is Zack Snyder’s Version Of Justice League And All The Deleted Scenes

The following scenes were filmed before the re-shoots and were shown to WB Executives who we can now say, do not know what art and perfection are:

LONGER: This scene started with Bruce recruiting Aquaman. It was the same scene as we had seen in the theatrical version. But a few lines were added by Whedon and some of Zack’s were cut. Aquaman was more resilient and shut-off to Bruce in Zack’s version.

DELETED: Here, Barry Allen visits the library as he knows that Iris West would be there. He tries to talk to her and mentions that “he may go and see his Dad today.” Iris is fond of his awkwardness but does not think of him as a special person. We see Barry breaking a window with his finger to impress Iris. When everyone is surprised, Barry says “weak glass” and then walks out.

LONGER: WB had cut out dialogue by the Green Lantern, Zeus, and Ares. They had a few of lines. And so did Robin Wright and Hippolyta. They kept the action in and cute out the dialogues.

DELETED: After taking the Mother Box from Themiscyra, Steppenwolf “talks” to this Box. Heggra’s essence is present in the Mother Boxes and bringing them together would unleash her powers. That is what his plan was.

DELETED: Victor plays a great football match that his mother attends. Victor is angry that his Dad did not make it while his mother tries to console the boy. Victor gets angry, lashes out and loses control of the car.

LONGER: The Gordon scene had a setup that we did not see in the theatrical version. Gordon dismisses a Junkie and then tells him to “get better at life.” His conversation with the League was longer. First, he asks Wonder Woman “if she is the same woman that he keeps seeing reports of in London.” Then, he asks Cyborg “how he easts and if he needs to?”.

DELETED: After the attack on Atlantis, Aquaman then consults with Mera and Vulko over what he must do. Mera says that he should stay as King because she “does not trust Orm.” Vulko wants him to do what his heart says. Arthur then says that he feels a sense of responsibility to the people on Earth.

DELETED: The League visits the Batcave, and Alfred has humorous reactions to the League. Bruce Wayne talks about a “nightmare” that he had. He believes that Steppenwolf is trying to resurrect the power of Superman.

CHANGED: Superman’s resurrection was possible because Cyborg detected a foreign genetic material in his DNA. This is the confirmation that was needed that had Superman brought back to life.

DELETED: Deathstroke frees Lex from of prison. They part ways as the cops are on their trail.

DELETED: Superman brings Lois to their farm, and he is confused and does not know what is happening. Bystanders are looking at him and taking photos. This confuses him more, and he tries to attack the civilians before Lois calms him down. Superman tells her that “the voices won’t shut up.” Martha then shows up, and Clark and Lois are inside the house. Clark is calmer but confused, and his powers are going haywire. Martha gives the “Picture the world as an Island. Follow my voice and come back to me” speech from MoS. This calms him down. Clark is then wearing his shirt when he sees Pa Kent out in the fields. He goes out to see him. Pa Kent talks about “embracing who you are.” Clark then embraces Superman as a part of him when Lois walks out. He then confirms their engagement and Lois breaks down because she was not strong enough. Martha then comes out too as Clark decides to help the League.

DELETED: Clark heads up to meet Alfred and get his suit.

CHANGED: Diana comes in to tend to the injuries. Bruce reveals that he is willing to die and says “he deserves to die because of what he’s done. He’s killed people, and nothing, not even his hate for Superman can justify killing like that”. Diana then tells him that “he has changed now, ” but Bruce is adamant.

CHANGED: Bruce’s Batmobile is headed to death during a finale when Wonder Woman and Aquaman save his life.

ALTERNATE ENDING: Cyborg tries to separate the Mother Boxes while Heggra tries to talk him away. Steppenwolf grabs him and rips him apart, essentially killing him.

CHANGED: Superman joins the fight but Steppenwolf tries to tempt Superman into joining his army, and we see Darkseid in Superman’s vision and flashes of the Knightmare footage.

DELETED: Steppenwolf is killed by Darkseid on Apokolips.

DELETED: Aquaman meets Mera off the village coast, and he agrees to come back. Barry walks into the library, and Iris smiles at him.

DELETED: Bruce and Barry place Victor’s “body” in the Batcave. Bruce says that “the organic tissue is dead, but it might be possible to reignite his mechanical parts.”

DELETED: Lois introduces Perry White to “Clark Kent.”

The original post credit scene that was shot in principal photography was Bruce being woken by Tomar Re and Kilowog.