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What Makes Martian Manhunter A Bad Choice For Justice League But Cyborg A Great Choice?

There is no doubt that Martian Manhunter has a great fan following whereas Cyborg is considered as a supporting guy or a sidekick, however, there are a few things which render Martian Manhunter unsuitable for being a part of the Justice League on the cinema screen.

To begin with, let us discuss the point of view of a character which is the most defining factor for a movie maker to judge and sort the characters and in case of Martian Manhunter the answer is:

He’s an alien from another planet who also happens to be the lone survivor of his race, and eventually, he adopts Earth as his home and humans as his family.

This is uncannily similar to another well-known guy who has been saving the world in a Blue and Red costume.

That makes it clear that the premise of Superman and Martian Manhunter is the same and writers struggled to work out a way which could accommodate these two characters with near identical origins, and it ultimately led to the Martian Manhunter being pushed out of Justice League in the DC Comics New 52 series. This exit turned out to be beneficial for the character because his character was in any case greatly subdued in the Justice League Animated series and he was generally a keeper of the Watch Tower. He rarely undertook any missions and was shown to be a weaker character to Superman. However, once he was out of the Justice League, it did great wonders for him in the New 52 series as Superman was not overshadowing him anymore and he went on to become one of the mightiest and creepiest characters in the New 52 DCU.

It seemed as if the writers created an enhanced adaptation of this character and as if he lives in hiding with only the government and Justice League being aware of him and if Martian Manhunter didn’t mind their knowing him or else he simply wiped their memory slate clean about him. He has a great deal of directorial role as he pulls strings on others through Telepathy and shape shifting in a creepy manner. In fact, he influenced the government to create and implement new laws/plans such as setting up of Justice League of America, and nobody had a hint of it.

To cut it short, Martian Manhunter takes things differently, and he is a lone wolf rather than a team guy. However, he can control a crowd simultaneously if he desires so. That’s the kind of Martian Manhunter shown in New 52. It is all because of being a shapeshifter and wielding telepathic power. He experiences the evil/negative thoughts of humanity, and while anyone else might go crazy, this only makes Martian Manhunter a deeply dark guy who has his own unique perspective on humanity.

Although guys like him are considered to be ‘good guys,’ and they don’t do bad things, they are not peoples’ people, and they love to be left alone and do their own stuff which includes manipulating others to achieve their goals (which are often related to the well-being of humanity).

That’s the treatment which Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. would give the Martian Manhunter in DC Cinematic Universe too. We have firm belief that he will be a part of the movies, but, not as a member of the Justice League. However, not being a member doesn’t mean that he won’t help them someday.

Moving on, let’s see why Cyborg makes a great case to be in the Justice League!

Let’s understand his character! Victor Stone aka Cyborg has always wanted to be a Football/Rugby star and to live with a girl like normal people, and then one accident converted him into a walking dead. He became half human half machine devoid of his humanity and dreams. That’s horrible especially when you were almost within touching distance of your dreams, and then he still managed to overcome it all and continue in the new life. That’s the kind of trait and resolve which movie lovers are familiar with.

This also makes him the only superhero in the comic book universe who is always on the job. Every other character has a secret persona or a personal life/needs to do other things and interact with other humans, but, his life is tough. He can’t move around and mix-in with other humans whether he wants or not. Despite that he is aware of every single email, tweet, bank transaction, phone call, SMS or any other type of electronic interaction that takes place all over the world round the clock and nothing is ever encrypted from him.

Therefore, his life is like he is hiding from his ex, but, he knows about every single communication done by her, and he can’t do anything about it. These are the experiences which made him a hardened and mature guy who is extremely calculative of every move despite being the youngest Justice League member.

Therefore, from the character POV, Victor Stone/Cyborg definitely adds a new dimension to Justice League and that’s something which Martian Manhunter didn’t bring to the table, and that’s why Justice League is better with Cyborg and not the Martian Manhunter.