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Own Your Fully Functioning Green Goblin Glider Now


Having grown up watching superhero movies, we have dreamt of owning trinkets and weapons used by the heroes and favorite villains. Who did not want Spider-Man’s web slingers, Green Lantern’s ring or anything owned by Batman? Well, if you dreamt

‘Unite The Seven’ : Green Lantern Confirmed For The Justice League


Since the Justice League began production, the rumor mill has been buzzing with many claiming that the Green Lantern will make an appearance in the anticipated DC comics movie.

We may have had confirmation of his appearance thanks to a

Star Wars Book Confirms That One Of The Character is Gay.


Star Wars fans are opinionated and are a few things that are universally loathed like Star Wars Holiday Special. Despite critical panning of the weird television special, some aspects managed to seep into the main canon like Bea Arthur’s song-singing