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15 Superhero Fan-Casting Photoshops Way Better Than What We Got


Whether it is the “gangster’ version of Joker by Jared Leto or the unconvincing Apocalypse portrayal by Oscar Issacs, there has been a large number of film adaptations of comic book characters that have divided the fans. Although, it is

Earth’s Mightiest: The 15 Strongest Avengers Ever


Right from the time Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created “The Avengers” in 1963, the superhero team from Marvel has featured almost every single Marvel hero. Because this team gives you the flexibility of being anyone and not

15 Actors Who Almost Played Famous Superheroes


Starring in a comic book movie is a every actor’s dream. Many careers have been kick-started by these superhero characters, with A-listers like Hugh Jackman, Gal Gadot and Chris Pratt.

With the talent that is being attracted to comic book

‘Thor: Ragnarok Is No Longer Marvel’s Shortest Film And Here’s Why


Fans who will rush to theatres next weekend to watch the latest movie in the Thor franchise might be surprised at the film’s runtime. It is around the same as a few Marvel Studios movies, but Thor: Ragnarok was supposed

Justice League’s Green Lantern Suit Has Been In Front Of Us All Along


Justice League is a hulking beast of a movie with a lot of moving parts, that much we all know. But beyond this inevitable resurrection of Superman, there is another DC icon who has been tipped for a cameo.


You Will Be Awed By This Fan Poster Of Deathstroke Vs. Red Hood


This week has brought with it news that DC is adding another movie onto the slate and Joe Manganiello will star as Slade Wilson in a Deathstroke film from Gareth Evans. Since this announcement, people have been working to come

All Marvel Movies Are The Same- Kevin Feige Responds


Marvel Studios have proven to be a force in Hollywood since Iron Man came on the silver screen in 2008. Since then, they have established an interconnected cinematic universe, put together team-up flicks and raked in huge amounts of dough

What Makes Martian Manhunter A Bad Choice For Justice League But Cyborg A Great Choice?


There is no doubt that Martian Manhunter has a great fan following whereas Cyborg is considered as a supporting guy or a sidekick, however, there are a few things which render Martian Manhunter unsuitable for being a part of the

Get Ready To Binge: Netflix Is Coming Up With 80 Original Films In 2018


Our TV viewing underwent a revolution with the arrival of Netflix which has brought to us original content ranging from Stranger Things to House of Cards and now it wants to redefine the way we watch movies too. The streaming

Here Is A List Of Upcoming DC Comics Movies


If you have been paying attention, you may have noticed some DC Comics-based movies that Warner Bros. is working on. But have you got a glimpse of them all?

DC Films has announced many projects that are in various stages