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Top 15 Hugh Jackman Films Ranked As Per Their Box Office Earnings


Hugh Jackman is among the most successful and popular actors in Hollywood at present and irrespective of the success or failure of his movies, we love the kind of effort he puts in and the fact that his hard work …

Aquaman Defends ‘Justice League’ Against The Negative Critics


After a decade in the making, Justice League has made it to the big screens and at least one Justice League actor is not paying attention to the ratings.

The Zack Snyder-directed movie received a whole lot of mixed reviews

Here Is Zack Snyder’s Version Of Justice League And All The Deleted Scenes


The following scenes were filmed before the re-shoots and were shown to WB Executives who we can now say, do not know what art and perfection are:

LONGER: This scene started with Bruce recruiting Aquaman. It was the same scene

9 Characters Who Have Lifted Thor’s Hammer


There is a very simple rule regarding the God of Thunder’s hammer, and it is that whosoever lifts that hammer if found worthy, will wield the power of Thor. That’s the message carved on the hammer called Mjolnir. However, it …

10 Reasons Why Justice League Is Mightier Than The Avengers!


The Avengers became popular only after their first live-action film released in the theaters via Marvel Cinematic Universe. Prior to that, the only group of Superheroes that existed was the Justice League brought forward by animated TV series and various …

15 Classic Cartoons From The ‘80s That You May Have Forgotten


It is hard to imagine that there was a time when kids did not have access to channels of cartoon programming. In the ‘80s, if you wanted to watch cartoons, you had to wake up early on Saturday.

Throughout the …

Who Are The 6 X-Men Characters Who Can Beat Goku In Battle?


If there is any superhero who can outrun a speeding bullet, has more strength than a locomotive and can destroy god-like villains by his Spirit Bombs then it is none other than the Goku from the Dragon ball franchise. The

20 Superheroes Who Could Destroy The Earth If They Adopted The Dark Side!


There are many superheroes who are powerful, but because of who they are, these heroes are loved and respected by fans. Here are some of the superheroes, who may not be the most physically powerful, but if they do turn

Ten Reasons Which Make Marvel’s Quicksilver Better Than DC’s The Flash!


1. Quicksilver’s Powers Might Be The Outcome Of Time Manipulation!

Back in 1997, Quicksilver came across Nestor, who was his own alternate version. Nestor told Quicksilver that his powers are nothing but a kind of time-manipulation. Writers didn’t recall this

Why Marvel Had To Change The Way The Avengers Looked?


We all love comic books! Comic books are larger than life with characters that can do impossible things and worlds that are vastly different from anything that we see around us. They have fantastic technology, lifestyles, and everything is so