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The ‘Arrow’ Cast Seems To Want A Crossover With ‘Gotham’


Earlier this season on Arrow, The CW’s DC Comics superhero drama had name-dropped Bruce Wayne and established that the character exists in the Arrowvere. The cast of the show is now opening up about this moment.

At Heroes and Villains …

Justice League: The Song, “Everybody Knows” Was Chosen By Joss Whedon


Songs are what really give character to a movie. When the Justice League trailer came out, it was the music that caught our attention. The movie was filled with a great soundtrack and of the songs that enhanced the movie …

Jurassic World 2 Footage Arrives And The Fans Are Going Crazy


The latest footage for Jurassic World 2 made a debut during Sunday Night Football, and it is pretty intense. Speculation about the release for its first trailer has been rampant. We now have confirmation that its trailer will premiere on …

23 Epic BTS Images From Avengers: Infinity War


Avengers: Infinity War has just released its trailer, and the movie will release in 2018.

The trailer broke records of the most watched trailer in 24 hours, and the internet went crazy.

The MCU will expand to over 70 comic-book …

John Wick 3 Is In Pre-Production And Will Release In 2019


A recent report has now revealed that John Wick Chapter 3 has entered its pre-production stage. Following the release of this year’s John Wick: Chapter Two, Lionsgate has announced that the 3rd installment was happening and it will release on …

Hot Mega-Gaming News: Mega Man 11 To Make A 2018 Release


Fans of video games can surely rejoice as Mega Man is making its grand return. The Blue Bomber was the most important characters of the 8-bit gaming era, with Mega Man games being must-have games for an NES owner’s library. …

20 Amazing Things You Can’t Miss About Iron Spider Armor


Spider-Man is the newest and the youngest member of the Avengers. In fact, he is not even a proper Avenger, and it would be more appropriate to call him an under-training Avenger. The stylish billionaire Tony Stark aka Iron-Man is …

20 Upcoming MCU Movies After Avengers 4… Guess Along With Us


Avengers 4 is the finale of MCU, although this does not mean that it is the end. In a Vanity Fair cover story on Kevin Feige and MCU’s dominance of the superhero genre, the super producer had reaffirmed that the …

14 Of The Most Badass Characters From Amalgam (Marvel And DC Crossover)


In the world of superheroes, almost anything is possible. Marvel and DC are the biggest comic book publishing houses in the world. The fan-rivalry among Marvel and DC cheerleaders is as passionate as between liberals & conservatives.

There is forever …

15 Reasons Why “Batman And Robin” Beats Justice League


With an A-list Hollywood cast and a legacy of 8 years of Batman movies, one wonders how Joel Schumacher managed to drive the Batman Forever sequel into despair. 1997 was a very dark year for superhero movies. 20 years after …