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Todd McFarlane Confirms Casting Is On For His Spawn Reboot


Way back in 1997, an undercover government killer Al Simmons debuted in front of the movie audiences as Spawn, a supernatural hero filled with vengeance and determined to cut down his ex-employer Jason Wynn (Martin Sheen) to size.

Mark …

Mashable Is Complaining About Star Wars Being Created By All White Men


A lady who takes care of movies related writing at Mashable has a big grouse against the Star Wars franchise: all their movies are made by white men.

Let’s forget about George Lucas, who conceptualized Star Wars and is a …

The Reboot Of Greatest American Hero To Star New Girl Actress


It has been reported that New Girl star Hannah Simone will be cast as the lead character in ABC’s latest venture The Greatest American Hero.  With New Girl wrapping up its final season in April, Hannah Simone was chosen to …

5 People Other Than Thor Who Wielded The Mjolnir


Here we have 5 characters other than Thor who has wielded Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. They fall under this category: “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of… Thor.” So, let us see who out there …

Remember The Time When A Father-Son Duo Turned Car Parts Into Transformers?


A Chinese farmer and his son had combined car parts and ingenuity, and their love for “Transformers” and created a $160,000-a-year business by making robot sculptures.

It took them three years to make these. Yu Zhilin has a background in …

Can We Expect Tom Hardy To Play Venom And Wolverine?


After 9 movies over 17 years, Hugh Jackman is now ready the adamantium claws down.

After Logan‘s theatrical release, which was Jackman’s last appearance as the X-Men, the actor had acknowledged that it is just a matter of time before …

Matt Reeves’ The Batman Trilogy Will Make Way For Batman Beyond


Fans of the Batman Franchise are confused about Ben Affleck’s involvement in The Batman as Reeves is directing a trilogy, with two subsequent installments which will arrive two or three years apart from each other. Considering the actor’s age, that’s

Marvel’s Special Plans For A Hulk Trilogy


Of all the comic book characters which are featured in the MCU, it is the treatment of The Hulk which makes the least sense.

The iconic character was the focus of the second installment in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk and

Will Hugh Jackman Play Wolverine In Avengers 4?


Now that there is a merger deal in process between Disney and Fox, Hugh Jackman’s name has been doing rounds once again as he is speculated to once again become Wolverine and team up with Captain America in Avengers 4

Stan Lee Is In The Pink Of Health And Back In Action


Stan Lee was all smiles when had taken his break to sign a few posters for Hero Complex Gallery at POW! Entertainment.

Stan thanked the fans for their wishes, and he is now improved in health and is feeling better. …