Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Will We See Supreme Leader Snoke Return To Star Wars: Episode IX?

The Last Jedi took fans by surprise when Snoke’s apprentice Kylo Ren unceremoniously cuts him into half and leaves him on the floor with his tongue lolling out from his dead mouth.

Was that the end of Snoke though? Maybe Snoke is a fan of Chumbawumba’s 1997 hit, “Tubthumping,” which contains a line, “I get knocked down, but I get up again / You are never gonna keep me down!”

A popular fan theory is doing the rounds, which Snoke would get up again and would be featured in Episode IX as well.

The Youtuber Star Wars Theory claims that it wasn’t Snoke that Kyle had chopped but just a projection that Snoke had created. Others have floated this theory as well, but the youtuber claims he has evidence to support it, mostly from Star Wars: The Last Jedi: The Visual Dictionary.

For example, Snoke often used to disguise his true nature and hardly had he been shown in his flesh, plus it was a widely known fact that he could project himself across great distances. Also, if he is gone, why does the mental bridge created by Snoke still exist between Ren and Kylo? The third fact put across is that his throne in the Last Jedi is completely different from the one shown in The Force Awakens.

We know, this is pretty freakish, but this is not all. The Star Wars theory dives deeper in parts one and two of the video. Fans love creating theories, and most of them do not amount to much, but this one does raise a lot of logical questions and leaves us scratching our heads too.

Do you guys think Snoke is alive too? Would you want to see him return in Star Wars Episode IX?