Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Will The Next Ghostbusters Film Feature CGI Egon Spengler?

Are we going to see a new Ghostbusters film featuring Harold Ramis resurrected using CGI? It might be possible. New Ghostbusters movies were announced last year, but, we don’t yet have an idea about who might feature in them, especially Harold Ramis who passed away in 2014. During the last year’s San Diego Comic-Con’s Ghostbusters 101, Ivan Reitman mentioned that they were working on two new Ghostbusters projects aimed for the 35th anniversary of the Ghostbusters franchise. CGI Spengler was invariably mentioned. While Reitman didn’t say it, it is assumed that the animated movie will be made sometime next year, if at all. Reitman clarified that the story would be different from all that has been seen in Ghostbusters so far.

The prospects of an animated film are very interesting, but, it was the announcement about another live-action movie which grabbed our attention. Ivan Reitman talked about the new film which might be a crossover between the 2016’s all women reboot and the original Ghostbusters. The announcement invoked a great response from the audience, however, no details were shared by the director. We could get a little bit of clarity courtesy one precisely aimed question from a member of the audience.

According to ScreenRant, someone asked him if they had thought about using CGI to resurrect any actors the way Star Wars: Rogue One had. Reitman replied by saying that such a thing was considered. He said:

“It’s possible… It’s something that we’re thinking of. HINT”

Therefore, it might be possible that they use technology to revive Harold Ramis, however, what would be the fans’ response to that? How would it look in the movie? Will he be back as a harmless ghost?

They might also need to use CG on Bill Murray who hasn’t been responsive to any Ghostbusters scripts after 1990. All other team members were always ready, but, Murray steadfastly stayed out of the plans to make another Ghostbusters film. He agreed to do a cameo in the 2016 movie, but, it is unlikely that Murray would join the cast to star in a film having a CGI Harold Ramis. Well, you never know! We might be wrong, but, doubts are there. In that case, the next two Ghostbusters films would anyway end up as animated films.

Reitman was earlier unwilling to make third Ghostbusters without Ramis, but, he changed his mind during the last few years. In case Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, and Dan Aykroid were open to it, what would the film look like? It might be placed right after the Ghostbusters 2, and they can use tech to de-age the cast, making it a live-action/animation hybrid film like Tron. Everything is pure speculation for now, but, a live-action (in theory at least) Ghostbusters 4 might be made in the next year or so.