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Mashable Is Complaining About Star Wars Being Created By All White Men

A lady who takes care of movies related writing at Mashable has a big grouse against the Star Wars franchise: all their movies are made by white men.

Let’s forget about George Lucas, who conceptualized Star Wars and is a white guy who built the universe with which Angie Han from Mashable has issues. The lady is endeavoring to ensure that the modern day politics of identity infiltrate the Star Wars too.

Han has quoted Maureen Ryan from Variety, observing that 24 people have so far been employed to “direct, write or head the creative department” in the Star Wars franchise during the 40 plus years of its existence. Han highlighted the fact that there was only one white lady among those 24 people and nobody of color.


Han further said, “By continuing to hire only white men, Lucasfilm is not helplessly reflecting some unfortunate but unchangeable norm. It’s making an active choice to reinforce a status quo that rewards white men while systematically shutting out anyone else.”

Han slams the selection of Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss to be the next set of people who have been given the controls of Star Wars. She wrote, “ … their movie-writing résumé is spotty … their writing on Game of Thrones leaves something to be desired (season 7, woof) … their work reflects some massive blind spots when it comes to race and gender. … In other words, it requires a leap of faith on our part to see these guys as good choices for Star Wars.”

Han’s argument is, “ … non-white and non-male directors are trapped in a hellish cycle of being unable to gain the right experience because they don’t already have the right experience. Lucasfilm has the chance to break that cycle by taking a chance on a non-male or non-white director, the way they’ve continually taken chances on white guys. So far, they’ve declined. … It’s troubling that one of the biggest fantasy franchises in Hollywood is only interested in what white men think the universe could or should look like … the idea that we ought to be patient is, to be frank, some f**king bulls**t. Fans are annoyed this week because we’ve been waiting for this franchise to become more inclusive, for four decades now.”

Han adds:

For that incredible tolerance, the only rewards we’ve gotten so far are eventuallys and possiblys and maybe next times – and those only because we’ve pressed Lucasfilm on these issues, time and time again. It is no longer enough to hear that Star Wars’ creative team might get more inclusive someday, and we’ve nothing to lose by pointing out that they’ve continued to fail us. The effect of these decisions, about who gets to be behind the camera, is not merely cosmetic. It’s troubling that one of the biggest – most beloved, most famous, most inescapable – fantasy franchises in Hollywood is, apparently, only interested in showing us what a very specific subset of humans think the world could or should look like. …

By refusing to let anyone but white men play in their sandbox, Lucasfilm is closing itself off to a wealth of new ideas that could keep this galaxy fresh and interesting, to people that might explore new corners that would otherwise go overlooked.

It is a baffling argument by the revolutionaries that a person’s imagination is restricted by gender or skin color. Shakespeare wrote ‘Othello’, Harper Lee wrote ‘To Kill A Mockingbird,’ and Steven Spielberg has made several outstanding movies. Then there is Bernardo Bertolucci who helmed ‘The Last Emperor’, the winner of nine Academy Awards including Best Picture.

One can go on and on!