You Will Not Believe Which Character Got Featured In The ‘Incredibles 2’ Poster


Edna Mode, everyone’s favorite super-suit designer has returned for another round in Incredibles 2, and this time she gets a poster of her own.

At the bottom right, the character’s recognizable line of dialogue can be seen, “It’s been too long, Dahlings.”

Edna Mode has played a huge role in the Incredibles film in 2004. As the Parr family had stayed in hiding, Edna remained their contact from the past. When the family does get back into action, she designed their suits, and each one matched their powers, and none of them have a cape.

In this sequel, Edna is set to return and help assist the Incredibles although the details about her role have not yet been revealed.

With this poster, Pixar will release a few new footage from Incredibles 2 during the Winter Olympics.

Brad Bird has returned to direct this sequel, and star includes Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Bob Odenkirk, Catherine Keener Samuel L. Jackson and others.

Incredibles 2 will release on June 15.