Superman’s Black Suit Revealed But Not In The Way We Expected


And finally… Superman’s most often talked about black suit from Justice League has been revealed in a deleted scene. During the movie’s production, there had been rumors making its rounds that were propagated by Henry Cavill himself for that matter that the black suit would appear in this film. But, we never got to see it. And now, now have proof in the form of a video that this suit was supposed to be on Justice League.

This scene has come up online and features Clark Kent walking in the Kryptonian ship after his resurrection. While he wanders about here, the black suit is shown in the background. He looks at the suit for just a second and then this suit disappears.

Cinematographer, Fabian Wagner had confirmed last year that there were scenes that were shot in this black suit. Whedon then took over after Snyder left the project and then, everything changed. Whedon had done quite a lot of extensive reshoots in this movie, and it turned out to become like a monstrous mix of both the director’s visions. The final cut did not have a lot of Snyder’s vision.

The black suit is a huge deal for the DC fans as it made its first appearance in The Death and Return of Superman. Zack Snyder had adapted a few elements of this storyline in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice as well. In DC Comics after Superman returns from the dead, he wears a black suit.

Justice League did not include this and the movie, was a huge disappointment to the fans. The movie currently has just a 45 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and made just $656 million worldwide. Considering that the production budget skyrocketed to a reported $300 million, that’s not nearly what Warner Bros. was hoping for. It doesn’t help keep costs down when expensive scenes such as this were shot and not even used for the movie. You can check out the Justice League deleted scene featuring Superman’s black suit, courtesy of the YouTube channel, for yourself below.