Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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‘Child’s Play’ Maker Is Converting It Into A TV Series!

The Child’s Play series had debuted over 30 years back, and now it is all set to enter a new territory, with the creator of the series Don Mancini stating that he is aiming to introduce Chucky to TV screen as a series. Mancini told Bloody Disgusting about his aim to make an eight-episode season with episodes of one-hour runtime, to serve as the extension of the events after the 2017’s Cult of Chucky.

The moviemaker observed that the series was “deliberately set up at the end of the last movie” and its “tone is dark and disturbing.” Mancini is the writer of all seven parts of the series and also directed the last three. Another regular element of the series has been Brad Dourif voicing the killer doll, and Mancini has claimed that Dourif will also be associated with the TV series.

It might be due to the short size of the killer doll that Chucky never became as renowned a horror movie villain as Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger, but, Mancini’s association with the films has given them an authentic and reliable feel which is generally missing from other franchises. Voorhees and Krueger both got their TV series at the peak of their run, but, none of them connected with the viewers. Considering the television’s vastly different landscape compared to the days of Chucky’s debut, this might just be the best option to revive the property.

Mancini also pointed that the series will be more menacing in tone than the movies, and might drop the humor element which the franchise was famous for.

 “We plan to use Child’s Play in the title,” Mancini elaborated. “We want to definitely signal that we are going dark, darker than ever before. It’s going to be very creepy.”

The producer David Kirschner is also going to be associated with the series because his bond with Mancini goes as far back as the original films.

 “I don’t think there’s a relationship that lasted this long,” Kirschner said. “I’m incredibly excited about the series and to explore a world in which we’ve never done before.”

The latest film showed Chucky manage to do something he has been trying since the original movie, which is to relocate his soul from the doll to a human body.

Don has taken the franchise in a wonderfully frightening direction,” Kirschner added. “He seems to outdo himself every time.”

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