Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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Black Panther: First Marvel Movie To Be On Time Magazine Cover

The Black Panther film has made history for MCU by being on the cover of Time Magazine. Black Panther is amongst the most anticipated movies in 2018, and it will release next Friday. There are a few early reviews that are positive, but there is one 3-star review.

Black Panther broke Fandango’s presale record for a film released in the first quarter of the year. Marvel seems to be unable to fail right now with its early estimates placing Black Panther over $150 million for its opening weekend. This is set to make the movie the best openings for an MCU movie.

The cover of Time Magazine features a portrait of Chadwick Boseman and the title is, “A Hero Rises.” This magazine had spoken to Boseman and Ryan Coogler about this movie upon the political climate in which the Black Panther is coming out. 2018 in America is a very different place, and Boseman had this to say.

“You might say that this African nation is fantasy. But to have the opportunity to pull from real ideas, real places, and real African concepts, and put it inside of this idea of Wakanda, that’s a great opportunity to develop a sense of what that identity is, especially when you’re disconnected from it.”

Time Magazine does not put superhero movies on its cover, and this does say something about the upcoming movie. The film is not only a ground-breaking superhero film, but it is a movie which traces its roots to the Civil Rights Movement.

Black Panther will release on February 16th, and its soundtrack by Kendrick Lamar will be released on February 9th. The one-two punch of this soundtrack and then the release of this film is surely is adding to all the excitement. There is an article in Time Magazine which has been written by Jamil Smith and this dives into the history and future of Black Panther.