Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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This Is How Kevin Bacon Might Look As Reverse Flash In Flashpoint!

The upcoming DC movie Flashpoint has become a key installment of the DCEU, as it is among the best possible options for the franchise to soft-reboot itself and reset or redeem some stories/characters. Of course, the story of “Flashpoint” is based on the hero’s long-term enemy Eobard Thawne better known as The Reverse Flash. Therefore, the Flashpoint film needs a great actor to portray DCEU’s Thawne, and fans have been clamoring for Kevin Bacon in the role for a long time.

The great artist BossLogic went ahead and created this little fan art imagination of Bacon playing Thawne, and it is quite an impressive work. Thawne is a remorseless sociopath who is more than happy to hurt Barry Allen/The Flash, and not many can portray the misleading charm and absolute villainy in comparison to Kevin Bacon.

Moreover, Bacon has the physical attributes and determination needed to film the action scenes of the speedster, and it is quite fascinating to think Bacon sharing intense as well as funny scenes opposite Ezra Miller’s version of Barry Allen. Overall, Bacon would be an impressive actor to be associated with the franchise for a long-term, as his portrayal of Thawne is bound to be a standout in a Legion of Doom situation featuring Jared Leto’s Joker, Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor, and Joe Manganiello’sDeathstroke.

To see more artworks of BossLogic, you can check the gallery below:

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