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Robert Downey Jr. And Tom Holland Come Together For A New Movie

There is hardly any debate about Robert Downey Jr. being the biggest Hollywood star right now. He is among the highest paid actors and is a bankable star for studios that cast him in their movies. The star of the Iron-Man franchise is now a massive brand and has a number of stunning performances to his credit, including the roles of Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes. Downey was last seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming and is set to reprise his role in the mega superhero team-up film Avengers: Infinity War.

He will be joined by Tom Holland as Spider-Man in the Avengers: Infinity War along with several other characters. Holland was the leading actor in Spider-Man: Homecoming which turned out to be the highest grossing superhero film of 2017. Holland is among the top new talents in Hollywood because he is greatly talented and can handle any role given to him. As a pair, Downey and Holland are quite lethal.

Their fans can rejoice as RDJ, and Tom Holland are once again going to unite for a movie next year. Which means that we will see these two come together twice in the same year and for the fifth time in 4 years, taking into account all the MCU films that they have jointly worked in. Their upcoming film is the remake of the renowned Dr.Dolittle franchise starring Eddie Murphy. The film is titled ‘The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle.’

The Betty Thomas directed original Doctor Dolittle film was a comedy written by the duo of Larry Levin and Nat Mauldin. The film released in 1998 and there were four sequels to it. Dr.Dolittle 2, Dr.Dolittle 3, Tail to the Chief and Million Dollar Mutts which were released. The last three were direct to video releases and didn’t feature on the big screen. Yet, this is one of the defining roles for Eddie Murphy, and his fans know him as the hilarious Doctor Dolittle. The character played by Murphy in the movie was that of a doctor who had discovered a power to communicate with animals, and that’s how things start.

The remake’s cast is filled with some of the A-listers such as Downey and Holland, but, they are not the only big stars in this film as the cast also includes Emma Thompson, Ralph Fiennes, Antonio Banderas, Selena Gomez and Michael Sheen, who have also already signed for the project scheduled to release next year.

Michael Sheen will play the assistant of  DoctorDolittle called Mudfly, and Banderas will play a pirate called Rassouli. The other cast members listed here are going to lend their voices to animals featured in the film, with whom Downey Jr.’s character of Dolittlewill communicate throughout the movie.

Stephan Gaghan

Stephen Gaghan is helming the Doctor Dolittle remake, and the movie’s script is also being written by him. The movie will enter production at the end of February and will be produced by Joe Roth and Jeff Kirschenbaum under the banner of Roth/Kirschenbaum Films, in tandem with Robert Downey Jr’s wife, Susan Downey.

Once this Doctor Dolittle remake is out, we will see Downey and Holland feature in Avengers 4 where they will once again be pitted against Thanos. Avengers 4 will be followed by the Spider-Man: Homecoming’s sequel, but, sadly Robert Downey Jr. is not involved with that film.

It is obvious that Downey Jr and Holland are among the most easy going pairs as far as working together is concerned. Holland has repeatedly said how Robert Downey Jr has been his mentor on and off set and has helped him improve as an actor. We are also glad to see these two work together and let’s hope that they will work together in a lot more films in the future.

A directorial venture of Stephen Gaghan, The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle stars Robert Downey Jr as Doctor Dolittle and is joined by Harry Collett, Tom Holland, Jim Broadbent, Emma Thompson, Selena Gomes, Ralph Fiennes, Antonio Banderas and Michael Sheen.

The film is scheduled to release in theaters a month ahead of Avengers: Infinity War on April 12, 2019.