Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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Disney’s New Streaming Service Will Not Be Home To R-Rated Movies

Disney’s decision to launch their very own streaming service which covers the vast library of Disney seems like it is a straightforward idea but the acquisition of Fox’s movie and TV properties have raised a lot of questions. And one particular detail that has been confirmed. The streaming service will not include R-rated movies.

Disney has had a reputation for producing family-friendly products to the audiences and after the purchase of Marvel and Lucasfilm, rumors regarding PG-13 material have been floating about.

Deadpool and Logan, the R-rated movies embraced violent and adult-oriented themes. These films went on to become commercial and critical successes.

Disney has also acquired the Alien franchise which will head towards Hulu. Given that this service will be a competition for Netflix, people have wondered about the fate of Marvel TV series which are airing on this service like Daredevil and Jessica Jones. The series will stay with Netflix but it is not known if this is because of their adult tone or simply an issue of rights.

The cost of service is yet to be announced and there are reports which hint at the launch of the service in 2019.

A few other projects are a Star Wars live-action series, High School Musical and Monsters Inc.