Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Batman Appoints A New Leader For The Justice League

After taking the reins from Bryan Hitch, Christopher Priest has been building towards an inevitable breaking point of the Justice League’s most unbreakable member: Batman.

Starting with Issue #34, where many of his tactical errors lead to the death of a nun, Batman is far removed from the World’s Greatest Detective who can accomplish almost anything imaginable if he is given time to prepare. But what we see is seeing a man whose body and mind are clouded by exhaustion.

This anomaly has not gone unnoticed by the Justice League. In Issue #38, the team determines the most appropriate course of action. Wonder Woman points out Batman’s plate and Cyborg makes note of his compulsion with stopping the Fan. They all agree that if anyone has to talk Batman down from the proverbial ledge, it has to be Superman.

We then see a very awkward face-to-face between Bruce and Clark. While we do not see their discussion, Batman informing the team that he is going to “take a few weeks” is a clue by itself.

But Bruce leaves, he has business to attend to.

“As per our charter, I have the right to select our new interim chairman,” he says. He points to Cyborg and declares, “I choose him.”

This move is interesting because of the fact that DC has been dropping clues which allude to Martian Manhunter reclaiming the pre-New 52 status. Here, Cyborg brings up his founding member status to Simon and maybe we are not in the midst of seeing a paradigm shift in the history of Justice League.