Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Did We Just See The Iconic Kessel Run In The Solo: A Star Wars Story’s Teaser?

Fans finally managed to check out the first look of the upcoming spin-off from Star Wars universe, featuring the grumpiest guy in the galaxy. However, the trailer might have also offered a peek into an epic moment of the character’s past.

The first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story debuted during the Monday broadcast of Good Morning America, which was hyped up by a brief TV spot aired during the Super Bowl. The latest trailer ends with Han Solo and Chewbacca flying the Millennium Falcon accompanied by Lando Calrissian and Qi’Ra in the cockpit.

During a chase by the Imperial TIE Fighters across a cloudy atmosphere, Han tries convincing his passengers that they don’t need to worry. As if on cue, he is compelled to use his excellent piloting skills to avoid some monstrous tentacles which seem to belong to huge aliens.

This sequence might appear to be a cool action scene to add excitement to the teaser, but, it also happens to be the first visual of Solo’s notorious 12 parsec Kessel Run or is it not?

If you are familiar with it, the pilot had once boasted to Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi about how the Millennium Falcon created a record in Kessel Run, in what is regarded as one of the most iconic lines of a Star Wars dialog. Fans were keen to know what he had meant by that, and a few even believed that George Lucas had erred in using the word “parsecs” which is a unit of distance and not time.

Lucas defended his use of the word, clarifying that light speed jumps need detailed calculations because they can’t  be done in a straight line, suggesting that the Millennium Falcon and Han Solo had managed an astonishing feat by finishing the run in the shortest distance, and not the fastest time.

Looking at the environment and stormy weather as well as other details about the Kessel Run from the Legends canon, this might be our first visual of the iconic moment in Han Solo’s  life. Kessel is famous for its volatile atmosphere, and the spice mines using slave labor.

Those who go down to the mines perish quickly, as revealed in the early episodes of Star Wars Rebels. Ezra Bridger protects a group of wookies dispatched by the Empire from Lothal to work in the Kessel mines, and it is revealed that the maximum one survives there is a year or two.

This might be a totally different scene, but, considering Ron Howard’s hints at the spice mines being a part of the film, we believe this was the first glimpse of the legend of Han Solo.

Solo: A Star Wars Story will release in theaters on May 25th.