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10 Actors Who Became Younger With Crazy CGI Tricks

There are times when age outraces an actor, especially at times when he or she needs to feature in a film which is a sequel to an older film done by them in a younger age. In today’s time, CGI can create almost any visual, as long as you are not trying to take away Superman’s mustache in Justice League. There is a great deal of movies which have portrayed old actors as their younger versions to serve the purpose of the narrative. We have compiled a list of such films.

Jeff Bridges – Tron Legacy

Upon the return of Tron Legacy in 2011, two of its famous characters Kevin Flynn and CLU also returned, and Jeff Bridges played both the characters. However, CLU happened to be a computer, it was given a younger appearance with the help of CGI and VFX, and it turned out to be quite bad. Things looked even worse when we saw the real Jeff Bridges in the movie. This call by Disney was absolutely beyond reason!

Michael Douglas – Ant-Man

Disney seems to have put in a lot in its de-aging techniques as they repeatedly keep coming up with older films and create the new ones. This serves well at times, and at other times it fails to work. Ant-Man was a film where the de-aging thing was managed well during a flashback scene featuring Michael Douglas which showed a younger Hank Pym as Ant-Man. That was quite courageous of Disney!

Carrie Fisher – Star Wars: Rogue One

Among the biggest memories of the movie’s ending was the appearance of Princess Leia. Fisher was seen as the young Princess Leia, something necessitated by the movie’s plot. Despite being a small scene, it polarized the fans as some of them were delighted by it, and others criticized the imperfection.

Robert Downey Jr. – Captain America: Civil War

The very first scene featuring Robert Downey Jr. in Captain America: Civil War depicted a much younger version of the actor, and it felt as if we were seeing the Downey of the 1990s. It was then revealed to be a hologram used by Tony to describe his new B.A.R.F. technology. Overall, people liked the younger CGI aided Tony.

Johnny Depp – Pirates of the Caribbean 5

Once again we were surprised by Disney’s de-aging work in 2017. Johnny Depp saw his years getting reversed courtesy CGI in the latest Pirates film which featured a younger Jack Sparrow. It was akin to the younger days of Johnny Depp, and it was certainly the best piece of de-aging ever in a film.

Orlando Bloom – The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

It’s universally known that Elves don’t age, thus, the team chose to give Orlando Bloom a CGI rejuvenation in the film as he was last seen in the Lord of The Rings trilogy almost a decade back, and this isn’t X-Men, where people don’t age a day in a decade! The CGI facelift gave Legolas a shiny, glowing face which appeared a bit strange to eagle-eyed viewers.

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen – X-Men The Last Stand

By doing this shoddy work, Fox proved that Disney is superior to them in every aspect, even the art of de-aging stars using CGI. While their CGI team certainly tried their best to make the duo look younger, there wasn’t much success. The funny thing is that as per X-Men: Apocalypse, McAvoy, and Fasbender would look as old as Stewart and McKellen in only three years.

Kurt Russell – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

One of Disney’s best de-aging endeavors was the touch given to Kurt Russell. Yet, Russell did resemble a 35-year-old human being. Russell who portrayed Ego the living planet in the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel was given a younger look to narrate a key plot point.

Dwayne Johnson – Central Intelligence

This can be called the most disgusting de-aging job ever done in Hollywood because Dwayne The Rock Johnson was given the appearance of a young dancing blob of fat. However, it was all in good jest, and people laughed at it, thus, no offense taken.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Terminator: Genisys

Schwarzenegger filmed a fight sequence with his own younger version. While Arnold looks old, he was given a younger look in both ways, using makeup, and CGI of course. The CGI element was done very well, and we managed to get a good fight sequence.