Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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The Father In ‘Frasier’, John Mahoney Passes Away At 77

Actor, John Mahoney, known for his role as the father on the show, Frasier, recently died at the age of 77.

Mahoney’s publicist had told TMZ that he died on Sunday in hospice care. On Frasier, Mahoney had played Martin Cran, a retired officer who was father to Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) and Niles Crane (David Hyde Pierce). The character had suffered a gunshot wound and this lead to his retirement.

Mahoney was a great actor and earned a SAG Award and a Tony Award for his role as Artie in The House of Blue Leaves. He earned a Golden Globe and Emmy nomination for his role on Frasier. Mahoney then contributed his voice to Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Antz, The Iron Giant, episodes of The Simpsons, Teacher’s Pet and Kronk’s New Groove.

He was well-known for appearing on TV Land sitcom in Hot in Cleveland. He guest starred on Becker, Cheers, Burn Notice, ER, and 3rd Rock from the Sun. In the movies, he had roles in The American President, Say Anything…, Barton Fink, Dan in Real Life and Reality Bites.

Fans had taken to Twitter and mourned the actor’s passing.

Alan Sepinwall wrote, “Dammit. Incredible on Frasier, and one of the best parts of the most sneakily great drama seasons ever, In Treatment season 2. RIP.”

Among the online mourner was Jeff Greenberg. He served as casting director for Frasier:

“The great John Mahoney passed away today at age 77,” Greenberg wrote. “I’ve not known a kinder man nor more brilliant actor. We were all blessed to have spent 11 glorious years together.”