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Fans Delighted To See Han Solo’s Footage But Unhappy With Han Solo Himself!

The first trailer of Solo: A Star Wars Story has been released by Disney and Lucasfilm with not even four months left for the movie’s release. The most important question before seeing the trailer was about Alden Ehrenreich’s work as Han Solo, a character which has been taken to iconic proportions by Harrison Ford, and it remains one of the most loved characters in the history of cinema. The trailer did offer some visuals of the young actor playing the famous smuggler and Rebellion hero of future, and there has been a response from the internet. What’s discouraging is that the response has been generally negative.

Choosing any other actor apart from Harrison Ford was always going to be a walk in quicksand. However, the majority of the Star Wars fandom seems to be in the panic mode after looking at this trailer. Although everything else in the trailer is mind-blowing and exactly what we desire from a Star Wars film, if Aiden Ehrenreich doesn’t connect with his portrayal of Solo, it might be a dud. This is what Bleacher Report writer Davie Schilling said, raising concern about some of the line readings by the actor in the trailer.

“The element that truly worries me about Solo: A Star Wars Story is Alden Ehrenreich. Some of those line readings in the trailer are *rough*.”

Ron Howard took over the directorial reins of Solo: A Star Wars Story in 2017, after the exit of Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The film had nearly been shot and reportedly Howard reshot almost 80% of the Star Wars film. But, Lord and Miller had selected Alden Ehrenreich to play Han Solo as the choice suited their vision, but, it was contrary to what Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy desired. Awards Circuit’s writer Joseph Braverman is of the opinion that the Baby Driver star Ansel Elgort who was among the scores of actors considered for the role would have been a better option.

“After watching Baby Driver and then seeing this Solo trailer, I really want to know why they passed up Ansel Elgort for Alden Ehrenreich. Voice and charisma is just not there for me. Sorry.”

Reports had surfaced about Alden Ehrenreich’s acting being an issue and how an acting coach was hired before Ron Howard embarked on the reshoots. Could that be the reason why Lucasfilm has been avoiding displaying him in the promotions? There was a great deal of visual appeal and set pieces to attract the viewers in this trailer. But, not everybody is rattled. A Twitter user and Star Wars lover who goes by the handle @brandonh83 is pleased by what he saw.

“Alden Ehrenreich looks FUN as Han. People are too obsessed with him somehow playing a perfect younger FORD. That’s not the point. He feels like a younger, looser HAN SOLO. It’s about the character. His performance from the trailer makes him seem extremely enjoyable and charming.”

Despite the production issues which hurt Solo: A Star Wars Story, it was a difficult task to make a young Han Solo film. As highlighted, Alden Ehrenreich is just seven years younger than what Harrison Ford was in Star Wars: A New Hope. Therefore, it is not as if he is a child. You can have a look at some of the reactions on Twitter about Alden Ehrenreich in the trailer of Solo: A Star Wars Story below: