‘Avengers: Infinity War’: Fans Are Going Crazy About Bucky Barnes’ Comeback


There are not many MCU characters which have a fan following similar to Bucky Barnes. The character won the audiences with the first Captain America film, and his tragic return in the sequel had fans in tears. This year, we will see him return in the third Avengers movie, and the latest teaser has just been released.

Therefore, if you are headed to Twitter, you are likely to spot several people shouting about James Buchanan Barnes, a lot of them.

It wasn’t long back that Marvel Studios had released a TV spot for the movie during the Super Bowl 52. The clip (check here) displays the various Marvel heroes readying themselves to protect the planet form, Thanos. Spider-Man can be seen crawling high up in the atmosphere, and Captain America is getting battle-ready alongside Black Panther.

What about Bucky? Well, Bucky can be seen charging from a bush in the jungles of  Wakanda, letting out a war cry and a loaded gun in his hands.

Any visuals of Bucky delight fans, but, this one is even special. The hero has long hair, he has a new prosthetic arm, and he looks absolutely angry. He doesn’t have the blank expression that he had when Hydra had controlled him, and fans are expecting Avengers: Infinity War to pull Bucky out of the terrorist group’s clutches forever.

Then there is also the thing that we see Bucky’s beard in the trailer. Fans are very happy to see this World War II hero sport a beard similar to Steve Rogers. It looks great.

The two guys are seen only fleetingly in the new teaser, however, fans are hoping to see them get their proper reunion in the movie. Sebastian Stan had spoken to EW last week about Bucky’s relationship with Steve being an important one. They were described as a duo that has “never had a chance,” however, the third Avengers movie might just give these two friends some closure. However, it will wrap up with Captain America kicking the bucket, and fans might just lose their mind over that one.