When Natalie Portman Savaged The Star Wars Prequels Haters By Her Hilarious Rap!


Natalie Portman played host on the late-night NBC sketch comedy series SNL, which is her second appearance on the show after her first appearance back in 2006. The first hosting act had featured an unforgettable skit where she had performed a new-famous rap song. This time, she once again showed her rapping talent with another fantastic rap, where she revisited her Star Wars prequel character Padme Amidala. Although a lot of Star Wars fans might not like it, the rap also featured Jar Jar Binks and exposed a well-kept secret about the Gungan which a lot of fans might find greatly unsettling.

The rap began with SNL cast member Beck Bennett playing a celebrity interviewer, who starts his chat by saying that her previous appearance on the show made things go a bit out of control. The actress says that she was “going through a really weird time then,” but, she has “matured a lot” during the last ten years. In response to a question asking her to tell the fans on what she has been doing since then, the Oscar-winner unleashed a profane rap mentioning putting dildos on switchblades and Xanax dissolving in her pinot noir wine.

She also commented about the weird Tide Pods issue in the new sketch, saying that Tide Pods are her solitary snack, referring to her Oscar-winning performance in the 2010 movie Black Swan. Beck Bennett said that she seemed to be exactly the same person that she was back in 2006, and the actress revealed that was not the case. She has become a mother now, and that her given her an entirely new outlook. She then started another rap, where she claimed about not even pushing while giving birth, and that she was “blazing” on “bomb kush.

The rap interview became hilarious when Beck Bennett asked her if she has been watching the latest films in the Star Wars franchise, and just when he was going to say they were “so much better” compared to the prequels, she cut him off by saying, “So much better than what?” the video then shifts to the actress once again displaying her legendary character of Queen Amidala with full makeup, a role which proved to be extremely successful among the Star Wars fans in the audience present.

The former Saturday Night Live cast member Andy Samberg who was there when Natalie Portman did her first rap sketch, also made a surprise appearance. The sketch further features one of the most controversial characters from the Star Wars, Jar Jar Binks, who made a brief appearance towards the end. If you missed out on the sketch earlier, you can check out the entire rap below, provided by SNL YouTube, as well as Natalie Portman’s original 2006 rap.