Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Black Panther Estimated To Earn $400 Million at U.S. Box Office!

Black Panther has created an unprecedented hype and is now estimated to become one of the most successful MCU films at the box-office. It has been quite a long and difficult journey to bring T’Challa’s saga on to the big screen. Columbia Pictures tried to make it in the early 90s featuring Wesley Snipes in the lead role, but, the project didn’t materialize. Black Panther’s rights came back to Marvel in 2005, but, it took them several years to make a film based on the character.

Chadwick Boseman debuted as Black Panther, in Captain America: Civil War in 2016, and he is now going to play the same character in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War during the summer.  However, before accompanying Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when they try to protect the world from Thanos, Boseman will play T’Challa aka Black Panther in the upcoming Ryan Coogler movie Black Panther releasing later this month. There is huge excitement among the fans for the film, and it is already shattering presale records. The film is expected to earn $150 million during its opening weekend and challenging Deadpool’s February opening record. Black Panther is not a film that is merely expected to start with a bang and cool off. Rather, it is expected to become one of the highest-grossing MCU films ever.

Box Office Pro long-range forecast projects Black Panther to collect as much as $400 million or even more at the US box office, making it one of the most successful superhero films ever.

If it does earn $400 million plus in the US, then Black Panther would be just a fraction below Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man ($403.7 million), Iron-Man 3 by Shane Black ($409 million), and the Wonder Woman by Patty Jenkins ($412.5 million) as far as solo superhero movies are concerned. Not only that, it would be the fifth highest-grossing MCU film in the US till now, trailing only Civil War, Iron-Man 3,  Avengers: Age of Ultron and The Avengers.

No matter what Black Panther does at the box office, it is beyond doubt that Marvel Studios have another winner coming up. Black Panther has received tremendous feedback on social media, and a lot of critics are saying that the film features the best villain in MCU to date. Not only that, the film is already beating Civil War in presales which indicates that it is well on its way to earning a lot of money at the global box office.

In case, Black Panther did earn $400 million as projected; it is quite reasonable to expect it to earn another $400 to $500 million overseas and become the second highest-earning solo MCU film after Iron-Man 3 (which earned a great deal of money courtesy being the first post-Avengers film from MCU). Traditionally Marvel films have been known to do better overseas than at the domestic box office.