Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Will We See The Venom Trailer Any Time Soon?

A recent report suggests that we may see the first footage of Venom sooner than we had thought. The filming had wrapped up, and it seems like a trailer is being made. Though the filming finished, it appears like most of the lifting for this movie will happen in the post-production process.

The Manitoba Film Classification Board has rated this trailer, and this means that it is arriving soon. This trailer will be rated PG however, it is speculation as to how and where it may premiere. The major rumors surrounding this teaser point to Black Panther, which will make the trailers stacked. The Deadpool 2 trailer is expected to release on February 14th and also open in front of Black Panther.

If the mentioned movies will have trailers in front of Black Panther, it looks more likely that we may get a short teaser trailer with a logo and a look at Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy).

Although Venom finished its filming, there is a lot about this movie that we do not know. Riz Ahmed had been thought to play Carnage, but now it seems like he is playing Doctor Carlton Drake and Michelle Williams will be playing Anne Weying. Williams has been secretive about the prospect of seeing She-Venom on the silver screen. Carnage is being rumored to be in this movie, and it is interesting to see how this will all pan out. We may get a tease of the villain as well.

The first trailer for Venom has been rated. As we wait, we can re-read the Lethal Protector comic series. This is the series off which this movie is based.