Saturday, May 25, 2019
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Here’s Why Marvel Needs An Avengers Vs X-Men Movie

It has been a few weeks since Disney acquired Fox’s cinematic and TV assets. We have been told that the Fantastic Four and the X-Men would be joining the MCU soon.  An X-Men versus Avengers movie has also been spoken about.

Preserving The MCU Timeline

First off, after a decade we have now reached the stage where the foundations of the MCU have been set, and characters have been established. To reboot this would imply failure. We feel that there is no need to restart the movie but here are a few reasons why they could think of restarting:

No Need For Origin Stories

Marvel does not have any plans to retread familiar grounds, and this mentality may transfer to how they may deal with Fox’s properties. We do not need origin stories and having the X-Men arrive will be a great way to introduce them.

It’ll Make ALL The Money

Calling on the brand power of X-Men and Avengers may be a license to print a whole lot of money for Marvel. They will be looking at a multi-billion dollar film.

Opening The Multiverse

The best approach is to have the team arrive from another version of Earth. We know dimensional travel is possible.

It is something that has happened a lot in the comic books when the writers had to deal with deaths or undo some fallout.

We may have a ready-made excuse for why there are no mutants in the MCU.

Mistaken Identity

When the X-Men arrive, the world’s reaction would be paranoia and anxiety. They have seen invasions of Chitauri, Thanos’ Black Order and the Skrull army. The response will be inevitable: sending the new Avengers for an investigation and defend the Earth from the new creatures. Neither knows what the other team’s intentions are. They are from different worlds, and there is a precedent for them to suggest that there may be a danger.

Galactus Rises

The question of what kind of thing may drive an alternate universe X-Men to leave their dimensions is what would have to be answered. What if the alternate world was destroyed by Galactus? What if inter-dimensional travelers had jumped through a wormhole to warn others against a threat that they had seen in their dimension?

This may allow a resolution of a conflict between X-Men and Avengers. This would also mean building to a second crossover movie with the arrival of Galactus.