Check Out The First Look Of ‘Legion’ Season 2!


Only a few months are left, and then we will be able to see David Haller back. However, where did this mysterious mutant go in the first place?

FX has finally provided the first glimpse of the upcoming Legion season as a part of their 2018 programming’s sizzle reel. It showed David return safely with his associates at Summerland. Go ahead and take a look at the video above.

You can see in the video, David saying that he only desires “to be normal.”

“Does any of this look normal to you?” he asks someone who is not in the frame.

It is just a fleeting glance, showing David in a sphere which resembles to be the inside of the mysterious orb which had abducted him during the end moments of Season Two.

We can see Syd, Ptonomy, and Cary, who reveal that despite David being captive, he would ultimately join his friends from Season One. However, the new footage also shows an evil duo.

Oliver Byrd makes a comeback in the upcoming season with Lenny Busker aka the Shadow King flanking him. Lenny had escaped getting killed by a fully-powered David during the season finale, by hiding inside Oliver’s mind and making him agree to drive South in a convertible. Considering the importance of Oliver for Melanie Byrd and the kind of danger that Lenny has been, the Summerland group has probably been chasing them ever since.

The brief glimpse of Lenny and Oliver is fascinating, are we going to witness another iconic dance sequence?

After the fantastic season finale, a great deal of questions have been lingering in the minds of the fans, and there might be a lot more when the show comes back to FX. It is undeniable that a show such as Legion is bread and butter. However, it is not as mysterious as it compels you to doubt your own sanity, just the way David Haller has.

Legion was a brilliant first adventure into the X-Men universe being modified for television, and it proved Noah Hawley to be one of the most capable showrunners in today’s time. From Fargo to this, FX is expected to keep him onboard as they brace for a new life under Walt Disney Studios.

Legion Season Two will be back on FX in April.