Tom Welling’s Role In Lucifer vs His Clark Kent


Most of us know Tom Welling from the days of him playing Clark Kent on Smallville. This role had defined Welling’s career, and it is super refreshing to see him extend the repertoire with yet another show on Lucifer.

When Welling does take up a role, he is very committed to it. He has served as a director for Smallville, and when the show had ended, we did not see a lot of Welling, and after 6 years, he returned to TV as Lieutenant Marcus Pierce.

Smallville had done a great job at exploring Clark Kent’s growth in an attempt to accept his role as an outsider in the human society. Welling had made this character his very own and refrained from reading the comics’ portrayal in the Superman movies.

Superman is an optimistic superhero who has been written to embody the qualities that one will expect from heroes. He is a force for a good role model and but Welling did not play him this way. He had been struggling to find a place between his responsibilities and the fact that with his powers, he may not be able to save everyone.

Welling’s Clark Kent was sorting himself out and was growing into a kryptonian guardian that would save the world from Brainiac, Doomsday and Lex Luthor.

In 2017, Welling had appeared as Lieutenant Pierce in Season 3 of Lucifer. This character had appeared to be a run-of-the-mill silent character. Lucifer brings devilish eccentricity and energy to the scene.

He is not only a no-nonsense cop, but he is the world’s first murderer: Cain. We start noticing hints of regret and emotions from his dark past. There is a compelling reason for him to appear grounded and mysterious.

Welling’s performance is much superior to his performance as Clark. Other than the fact that Cain’s character allows for much more depth, Welling has refined all his talents.

He became jaded by everything that he had experienced over thousand years. If we do compare this to Welling’s performance as Clark, we see that Clark was nowhere near Cain. Clark had been a very admirable character, and he had his moments and Welling could play him as being physically superior to humans.

Cain might be immortal, but he is human.

His very purpose is to help in the show’s attempt to offer commentary on the human experience. It as because Welling can do more with this character than he could with Clark. In a very recent interview, Welling had said that this character was what had drawn him back to RV.