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10 Epic Icons From The Galaxy Far Far Away

1.Princess of the people.

Princess Leia gets a deep profile, and Tricia Barr examines a groundbreaking appeal of the most iconic characters in this saga.

2. Imperial icons.

The Empire’s stormtroopers are symbols of terror in this franchise. Jason Fry examines the most loyal warriors of the Emperor.

3. Make Mine Marvel!

Set out on a journey back in time to the very first age of Star Wars as Howard Chaykin and Roy Thomas discuss a wacky, wild, and memorable run of the comics.

4. Star Wars style.

From Lando’s cape to C-3PO’s gold suit, the costumes were iconic. Here, we go BTS scenes and take a look at the creation of these outfits.

5. A conversation with C-3PO.

Programmed for etiquette and protocol, C-3PO is a mainstay of this saga. And the same is with Anthony Daniels who is the longest-serving actor in Star Wars.

6. Lando and Lobot.

Billy Dee Williams had lent a touch of the suave in an interview while the John Hollis looks back on his experience.

7. When Artoo met Wicket.

The interview features the two performers: Warwick Davis and Kenny Baker share experiences on the original trilogy.

8. The fastest hunk of junk in the toybox.

The most iconic parts is the Millennium Falcon. Kenner gives us an opportunity to get our hands on Han solo’s pride.

9. Empire posters.

The Empire Strikes Back boasts many posters which are stunning. This feature is a gallery with commentary by Pete Vilmur.

10. A flash of inspiration.

What many do not know is the story of how the hilt of the lightsaber had been created. Roger Christian here, reveals how he had built a Star Wars icon.