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This Is How Shinsuke Nakamura Won The 2018 Royal Rumble

Shortly after 8 pm Eastern, the men’s Royal Rumble started, and it surprised everybody as it was the start of the second hour of the four hour Royal Rumble PPV event. It was obvious that the women’s Royal Rumble would be the main event of the show and that’s how it turned out to be. The Men’s Royal Rumble was started by Rusev #1, and Finn Balor #2. The complete entry and elimination order of all the participants are listed below:

Entrance Sequence

  1.    Rusev
  2.    Finn Balor (eliminated Corbin, English, Ziggler, Mysterio)
  3.    Rhyno
  4.    Baron Corbin (eliminated Rhyno)
  5.    Heath Slater (eliminated Sheamus)
  6.    Elias
  7.    Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas (eliminated Kingston)
  8.    Bray Wyatt (eliminated Rusev, Hardy, Slater)
  9.    Big E
  10.    Tye Dillinger (who got attacked by Owens and Zayn backstage before reaching the ring). Sami Zayn ultimately came out in his place.
  11.    Sheamus
  12.    Xavier Woods
  13.    Apollo Crews
  14.    Shinsuke Nakamura (eliminated Zayn, Cena, Reigns)
  15.    Cesaro (eliminated Crews)
  16.    Kofi Kingston (eliminated Mahal)
  17.    Jinder Mahal (eliminated Woods, Big E)
  18.    Seth Rollins (eliminated Cesaro, Miz)
  19.    Matt Hardy (eliminated Rusev, Wyatt)
  20.    John Cena (eliminated Elias, Hurricane Helms, Balor)
  21.    Hurricane Helms
  22.    Aiden English
  23.    Adam Cole
  24.    Randy Orton (eliminated Almas)
  25.    Titus O’Neil
  26.    The Miz
  27.    Rey Mysterio (eliminated Cole)
  28.    Roman Reigns (eliminated Miz, Rollins, Orton)
  29.    Goldust
  30.    Dolph Ziggler (eliminated Goldust)

Elimination Sequence

  1.    Rhyno (by Corbin)
  2.    Corbin (by Balor)
  3.    Sheamus (by Slater)
  4.    Slater (by Wyatt)
  5.    Zayn (by Nakamura)
  6.    Crews (by Cesaro)
  7.    Woods (by Mahal)
  8.    Big E (by Mahal)
  9.    Cesaro (by Rollins)
  10.    Mahal (by Kingston)
  11.    Kingston (by Almas)
  12.    Rusev (by Wyatt and Hardy)
  13.    Wyatt (by Hardy)
  14.    Hardy (by Wyatt)
  15.    Elias (by Cena)
  16.    Hurricane Helms (by Cena)
  17.    English (by Balor)
  18.    Almas (by Orton)
  19.    Cole (by Mysterio)
  20.    O’Neil (by Reigns)
  21.    Miz (by Rollins, Reigns)
  22.    Rollins (by Reigns)
  23.    Goldust (by Ziggler)
  24.    Ziggler (by Balor)
  25.    Orton (by Reigns)
  26.    Mysterio (by Balor)
  27.    Balor (by Cena)
  28.    Cena (by Nakamura)
  29.    Reigns (by Nakamura)

Action started becoming intense at the outset when Corbin eliminated Rhyno almost as soon as he entered the match, but, he turned around and  got eliminated by Balor. After that, he pulled Balor to the outside below the top rope, and left him there as he went out of the ringside area. Corbin then assaulted Slater when he was entering the match.

It was a big surprise to see NXT Champion Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas enter at number seven. He went one on one with Elias while Balor, Rusev, and Slater were sprawled outside.

Another surprise was to see Sheamus tossing Slater into the ring as he entered, and then Slater turned around to eliminate Sheamus (it was his birthday) instantly.

When Xavier Woods entered the match, he teamed up with the Big E.

During the early parts of the match, Rusey received loud Rusey Day chants from the crowd. Everything changed when Nakamura stepped in at 14, and the crowd went berserk about him.

Kingston’s entry marked the presence of all three New Day members in the ring simultaneously. That changed quickly when Jinder Mahal eliminated Big E and Woods quite early. He nearly pushed out Kingston, but, he landed above Woods, which meant both his feet didn’t touch the ground. He then jumped around with foot on top of a pancake and was launched back into the ring, via a pogo stick.

The first double elimination of the day saw Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt eliminate each other, soon after they had joined hands to beat Rusev.

John Cena came in at 20, and almost everyone present in the ring teamed up against him. Cena rapidly eliminated Elias, exacting the revenge of his loss to Elias on RAW sometime back.

Hurricane Helms was another surprise at 21. He was followed quickly by NXT’s Adam Cole who came in at 23. Rey Mysterio was the biggest shock of the night when he entered at 27.

After Reigns entered to a booing crowd, he teamed up with Rollins to eliminate Miz. Immediately after that, Reigns attacked Rollins and threw him out.

Ziggler arrived at 30 and instantly foiled an AA reversal from Cena. The crowd hated that because they wanted to see Bryan at 30.

Mysterio slammed a double 619 on Reigns and Cena, but, he got eliminated by Balor quickly after that. Nakamura, Reigns, Cena, and Balor were left as the last four standing. They both beat the other two temporarily and then went face to face amidst a crowd that chanted “you both suck.”

Cena then eliminated Balor, and Nakamura eliminated Cena, which led to a fierce fight with Reigns for several minutes before Nakamura ultimately managed to eliminate Reigns and win the Royal Rumble.