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The Prelude Comic Has Explained The Avengers’ Pre-Infinity War Status

Let’s talk Avengers. Now, half the team is fugitives, and the other half is just licking their wounds. Things have gotten much more complicated after the release of Infinity War‘s images and trailer.

A tie-in comic had recently been released by Marvel Studios and this helps to fill a few the gaps.

The final act of Civil War had “Team Cap” face off against “Team Iron Man”. this was a fight which left the entirety of Team Cap prisoners in the Raft.

Infinity War: Prelude #1 by Tigh Walker and Will Corona Pilgrim picks after the Civil War‘s post-credits scene which had shown Captain America infiltrating the Raft in rod er to set his team free.

For Clint Barton, freedom means retirement. But it seems like the peace and quiet in his future may be short-lived. We see him able to return to his wife and children.

Scott Lang also takes a similar route and goes back to his daughter, Cassie.

The comics have confirmed the teased relationship between Wanda Maximoff and Vision. He has now developed a human guise that we had during the first Infinity War trailer. The duo is shown walking hand-in-hand.

Bucky Barnes had agreed to be put back in cryostasis in Wakanda and be stripped of his Hydra programming.

Now we get to Sam, Steve and Natasha. Steve sports a beard, Natasha has a blonde bob hair cut. They work as an unsanctioned superhero team. They focus all their efforts on attempting to clean up the alien tech left over by Chitauri invaders. This is a theme that we had seen being explored in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Its movie is directed by Joe and Anthony Russo and Avengers: Infinity War will release on May 4, 2018.

Infinity War: Prelude #2 will hit the shelves on Feb. 28.