Fox Hosting Preview Screening For ‘Deadpool 2’!


The presently untitled Deadpool 2 is being revealed to select fans because Fox is conducting test screening on Thursday night.

It was confirmed by sources that they were going to watch a test screening of the upcoming Deadpool sequel, starring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpoolwho is accompanied by Josh Brolin and Zazie Beets, as Cable and Domino, respectively. Let’s be clear that this screening won’t mean spoilers or reviews are coming up on the internet. Test screenings bind the viewers to neither share any details, reviews or their opinion about the film.

Other than those who attend this test screening, remaining fans will get their next glimpse of this presently untitled Deadpoolsequel when a trailer will release prior to Marvel’s upcoming film Black Panther. There hasn’t been any mention of a release date for the trailer, but, Black Panther is going to release on February 16. Within the next few years, Deadpooland his fellow X-Men characters will become a part of Black Panther and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, assuming Disney’s acquisition of Fox goes through.

The fans who wish to get an early viewing of the movies at test screenings can register to get an opportunity on Preview Free Movies. We advise caution to those fans who are keen to keep the spoilers at bay because there is bound to be that little bit of extra dose of spoilers on the web after this test screening is over.

The original Deadpool movie released in cinemas during the Valentine’s Day weekend in 2016. The stunning R-rated hit earned over $130 million at the box office during its opening weekend itself. The sequel to Deadpoolis presently untitled, and it is scheduled to release in cinemas on May 18.