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You Will Never Guess The Real Identity Of The Red Goblin

Dan Slott’s run on The Amazing Spider-Man is now coming to an end after ten years of service to Marvel’s favorite wall-climber. As Slott barrels towards Issue #801, everything seems to be building up to a clash between Peter Parker and Norman Osborn.

Spider-Man has to deal with Scorpio as well. And to make matters worse, The Red Goblin is also posing a threat to him.

Sign of the Times

A year ago (Marvel time), Mockingbird and Spider-Man had fought Scorpio and the new Zodiac. Scorpio had plans to use everything that he learned to become a God among men, but Spidey trapped him within the Zodiac and then stopped him. Spider-Man knew that Zodiac would emerge one year later. And he assumed that Scorpio would be just powerless and everything would go well. Wrong.

In the Atlantic Ocean is The Lockbox, a secure location for dangerous artifacts in the Marvel Universe and it has been infiltrated by the agents of Norman Osborn. In an attack to get the Zodiac Key, he speeds to Scorpio as he returns. Within an hour, Scorpio then rushes to Big Ben in an attempt to get as much power as he can. Norman Osborn then gets his hands on the Carnage symbiote.

Maximum Carnage

During the time that Slott had taken over Spider-Man, Carnage was ripped apart by The Sentry. This symbiote then returned in many where he had been passed around between government agencies, traveled to the Microverse and then became an Avenger for some time during the AXIS inversion.

Norman Osborn now had the Carnage symbiote, and we now figure that The Red Goblin simply is an amalgamation of Osborn and the Carnage symbiote.

The man behind the Green Goblin might have a pretty indomitable will, but this specific symbiote is serious business. If Norman is not careful, it might completely subsume him and bring his worst impulses into being.