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Super Crossover: Supernatural And Scooby-Doo Episode Poster And Title Released

The CW’s Supernatural had returned from the holiday hiatus with an episode that which had served as a pilot for the potential spin-off series ‘Wayward Sisters’. With this episode being out of the way, an episode that fans have been looking forward to is the Scooby-Doo crossover on. A recent photo was revealed by Jim Michaels on Twitter, and this seems to be a customized cover of the episode’s script. This has been assumed due to the three-hole punch on its left-margin, with a January 22, 2018, date.

This poster reveals many details including one that Robert Singer is directing the episode, and is serving as an executive producer with Phil Sgriccia, Jim Michaels and Andrew Dabb. It has not been revealed who wrote the episode, but it mentions that it is “Eps. 1316,” or the 16th episode this season. The official premiere date for this crossover has not been revealed but its 11th episode (Season 13) will air tomorrow and this crossover may air on Thursday, March 1.

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This crossover had been announced at The CW’s presentation in May, when Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles had taken to stage and debuted an image of the animated versions of these characters, Dean and Sam Winchester.

The Supernatural team is not a stranger to these episodes. The show had paid homage to Winchester boys’ John Winchester who was played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and showed Negan bat on Supernatural in a Walking Dead crossover.

We had learned in 2016 that there had almost been a Supernatural and Smallville crossover which was being developed. This never came to fruition. This episode had been set to feature the Winchesters learning that the actors who played Superman had been cursed.

As for the Supernatural and Scooby-Doo crossover, we will find out more details soon.