Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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Revealed: New Dundee Movie Is A Super Bowl Commercial!

All the guessing and mystery is finally over. What was supposed to be a new Dundee film is nothing but a Super Bowl advertisement featuring Danny McBride, Chris Hemsworth and most likely Paul Hogan, to promote Australian tourism. Towards the end of last week, a trailer had come out of nowhere alongside a website which promised a brand new Crocodile Dundee chapter starring McBride as Hogan’s son, Brian. Further, the Thor star Chris Hemsworth was also a part of a new clip for the so-called movie, which led to further doubts about it being genuinely a Dundee movie.

Now Brisbane Times has reported that it is all a grand promotional gimmick by Tourism Australia. There was a half chance that the Dundee movie might be real, and the best guess was for it to be a Super Bowl commercial. The Brisbane Times claims that they got the hint from industry insiders about all this viral marketing seen during the last week was a commercial and not a secretly filmed movie scheduled to release in June.

It was an exclusive interview by People Magazine featuring the Crocodile Dundee actor Paul Hogan and Danny McBride, which had added legitimacy to the whole talk about a Dundee film. Hogan stated that the time was apt to reintroduce the franchise to the new generation and it wasn’t impossible to see McBride play the loud-mouthed American son of Dundee. In fact, it all looked so genuine that it caused some controversy. A lot of critics started writing pieces calling the original Crocodile Dundee films to be racist and homophobic, which questioned the need for a reboot to be made. Then there was an equal number of people who were simply miffed with the thought of Danny McBride being a part of this project.

The Brisbane Times observed that Steve Rogers, listed as the director of Dundee, is a renowned ad film maker in Australia. The dummy movie’s website is created superbly and has the Screen Australia logo as well as the Rimfire Films logo displayed prominently. But, Screen Australia doesn’t have Dundee recorded on its database, despite a page having been created on IMDB with a projected budget of $30 million. Tourism Australia hasn’t yet made any statement on the subject, and a response is unlikely before the airing of Super Bowl.

The way things indicate, we are probably in for a short Dundee movie over the duration of Super Bowl 52’s airing, and that’s the best option for the commercial to unfold. Although it sounds logical, it is very costly as well. According to stats, no less than 100 million Americans are likely to watch the Super Bowl this year, and Fox is commanding $5 million for a 30-second commercial. Therefore, the $30 million budget mentioned for Dundee might be real. No matter what, Dundee has already created a great hype prior to the Super Bowl 52. The original report has been provided by The Brisbane Times.